Aim Nebula Manette pour PS5

This is a limited edition version of the PS5 controllers!

Le design élégant de notre manette Nebula fait allusion à un nuage sombre et à la poussière turquoise détectée dans l’espace, visible dans le ciel nocturne comme une tâche lumineuse floue.

Ce produit est actuellement en rupture et indisponible.

Predesigned Controllers are shipped within 14 days.

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Yes. The PS5 AIMController is fully compatible with both PlayStation 5 Console and PC. We modify the original Sony PS5 controllers only.
Of course! AIMControllers offers Lifetime Replacement Warranty for all the customers. It includes labor and parts for all the elements that are covered. You can view the warranty terms and conditions here.
All depending on your needs! The term “remapping” means that paddles are programmable. You can assign to them functions of the front panel buttons such as: X, O, triangle, square, and D-Pad, L3, R3, L1 & R1 in less than 40 seconds.
Not a problem! The back paddles are easily removable. You can take them off & on whenever you need to. Here you can find a short guide showing how to unlock the paddles.
  • The Original PS5 AimController in a variant of your choice (with LIFETIME Warranty)
  • AIM Charging Cable
  • 2 sets of Interchangeable AimSticks