Mysz Aim Colorsplash RGB

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Aim Colorsplash RGB Mouse

We are aware that more and more players are looking for equipment that will provide an advantage on the battlefield, which is why we have prepared an innovative mouse that you can fully adapt to your needs. Get an advantage right from the start and feel the comfort of the game thanks to Aim Colorsplash Mouse.

Aim Colorsplash RGB Mouse

7 programmable buttons

Each of them you can be programmed in any way. No restrictions!

Aim Colorsplash RGB Mouse
Aim Black Matt Mouse
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What’s inside the box

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  • AimControllers RGB 10 000 DPI Mouse
  • AimControllers Flyers
  • AimControllers QR Code for software download


Nazwa produktu Mysz AimControllers RGB 10 000 DPI
Wymiary 124 x 67 x 39 mm
Waga Około 148g
Przyciski 7 programowalnych przycisków
Sensor Sensor Optyczny
DPI 10 000 DPI (regulowane co 100 DPI od 200)
Interfejs USB
Dłg. kabla 1.8 m
Wymagania systemowe: PC z Portem USB