AIM PS5 Console Cover – Joker Color

Bring fun and excitement to your games with the “Joker Color” cover for your PS5! This bright and colorful cover, designed with a famous comic book villain in mind, is simple to put on your PS5. It replaces your original cover and adds a touch of comic book style to your gaming area. The cover shows the laughter and wicked smiles of a well-known bad guy from comic stories, with every detail clearly shown. Your PS5 will look unique and full of character, just like the playful villain from the comics. Putting on this cover is very easy, so you can quickly make your console look new and exciting.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Digital Edition, Standard

Easy Install

No tools necessary! Follow our easy to use guide on how to remove your standard cover and replace them with our custom designed cooling panels!

AIM's pattened vent techology

Protect your equipment! No blockage of console ventilation. Exclusively designed high-quality system to keep your console cool, while gaming becomes intense and fiery.