PS5 controller ranking of 2022 – AimControllers vs. SCUF

Nowadays, the market for computer and console hardware and accessories is a massive one! There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different accessories and equipment for consoles on the market, especially those from Sony. It’s hard to find your way through all this. That’s why, today, we are going to focus on PlayStation controllers. What’s […]

Puzzle games for PS5 and Xbox Series X – which are worth your attention?

Puzzle games comprise some of the most challenging types of console activity in terms of commitment and mental capacity. It is a genre of games where the overarching goal is to solve logic puzzles and, therefore, requires a distinct commitment from gamers. It cannot be said that puzzle games for PS5 or Xbox are the […]

Educational games for PS5 and Xbox Series X – which are worth your attention?

Regardless of the type of game, playing on a console develops certain functions and capabilities of our body and mind. It teaches us spatial thinking, the rules of competition, as well as improving our reflexes, reaction time and motor skills. However, there is no denying that some games are far more beneficial in educational terms […]

What TV to choose for the new generation console (PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X & S) – our picks

There has been a lot of talk about add-ons and accessories for consoles. The web is bursting with information about controllers, modification options, games and gamers. Yet, there is one subject that is often overlooked and neglected, even though it has a tremendous impact on gaming comfort and experience! What are we talking about? As […]

VR on PlayStation and Xbox – is this virtual reality fully functional or should it be further improved?

Virtual Reality is undoubtedly the biggest trend in the gaming world in recent years. This amazing experience is unparalleled and rather surpasses console gaming. Or at least that’s what we thought at first, when we had only just heard about this latest technology. However, years later, not much has changed in the gaming world and […]

Sony and Xbox are not just for gaming. Check out all the features of these consoles useful for the whole family!

We all know that both consoles from Sony and Microsoft are excellent for adults. With their help you can kill countless zombies, take part in battles on the frontlines, steal cars, conquer new worlds and galaxies, race against other users, play games simulating sports and cultural competitions and much, much more. There are plenty of […]

PlayStation and Xbox controllers made in cooperation with Robert Lewandowski

Football and console fans unite! With AimControllers you can once again count on something extraordinary! What do we have for you? Something we never expected! Today we present a new collection of controllers created in collaboration between AimControllers and Robert Lewandowski! You can now get to know our unique Robert Lewandowski PS controller collection developed together with […]