AimControllers Mouse Pad XL

Non-slip, backlit mode mouse pad. Meet our AimControllers Mouse Pad XL.


Made with the utmost care, the pad provides amazing comfort of using the mouse, increasing control over its operation, which increases the advantage over others in every aspect of the game.
Equipped with a stable base, it will meet the expectations of all users. Backlit edges make great impression and give the pad a professional look. Do not hesitate and secure yourself an advantage on the battlefield now, with AimControllers Mouse Pad

Backlight mode

9 modes to choose from, so everyone can adapt to their own preferences.


The stable base of the pad increases its strength, making it more resistant to mechanical damage. High quality workmanship ensures great comfort.


It’s the perfect pad for someone who doesn’t have much space on their desk. Despite its small size, it perfectly fulfills its task.

Length 362 mm, width 264 mm, thickness 4 mm.

AimControllers Mousepad