AimControllers Mouse Pad XXL

Large, backlit mode mouse pad. Meet our AimControllers Mouse Pad XXL.


A must-have equipment for every player could not miss a good quality mouse pad. It is convenient and helpful solution during many games, because it significantly improves the smoothness of mouse operation and increases control over it. This allows you to gain a significant advantage over your opponents. Backlit edges look modern and professional on the desk. The type and frequency of light can be changed at our discretion. The non-slip pad was made on a stable base, which improves its strength and convenience in use. Do not hesitate and gain an advantage now, with AimControllers Mouse Pad

Backlight mode

9 backlight modes, tailored to customer preferences. Possibility to change mode with one button.

High quality workmanship

The mouse pad was made on a strong base, making it resistant to mechanical damage. Solid construction increases its strength.


This is a very large washer that will work perfectly in its role.

Length 795 mm, width 302 mm, thickness 4 mm.

AimControllers Mousepad XXL