PS5 Nacao Porto Premium Controller

The Nacao Porto Premium series controller for PlayStation 5 is the dream of every gaming enthusiast and FC Porto team fan. The latest product line of AimControllers was created thanks to our collaboration with members of this extraordinary team. By sharing our experience, we’ve created an innovative controller that’s comfortable to use and durable, has additional features such as smart triggers and paddles, and is a tribute to this legendary football team. The Nacao Porto Premium Series controllers are a true blend of masterful design and craftsmanship.


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The Nacao Porto PREMIUM line of controllers by AimControllers is something for dedicated and demanding gaming enthusiasts! These are extraordinary quality high-tech controllers compatible with consoles like PS4, PS5 and Xbox One! What makes them different from the Basic version? Well, the following additional and innovative features:
The Nacao Porto PREMIUM for PS5 – Smart Triggers + Paddles (Paddles with the so-called remap, so you can change the configuration of buttons.)