Aim Camo Gray

Gray and black camo pad with a military pattern in masculine style.


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Gray and black camo pad with a military pattern in masculine style. Aim controller ensures flawless and smooth operation, even after many hours of gameplay. The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty, which is a great advantage of the controllers.
The use is also facilitated by the possibility of adding a rubber grip, as well as the option to adjust the height of the analog stick. If you are looking for something personalized, you can add your own tag or logo in our configurator.

Aim Camo Gray PS4 Controller

Official Playstation 4 Controller Customised by AimControllers

All our custom controllers are genuine brand new Sony Playstation 4 Dualshock 4 V2 (Latest Version). After customisation process each controller is rigorously tested so quality is guaranteed.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Designed and manufactured in Europe
  • Compatible with PS4 and PC
  • Fully customizable


Customize your controller design to match your style. Please note: colors and designs may have slight differences due to the production process.

Aim Camo Gray PS4 Controller
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What’s inside the box

See what you get in your package

  • Original Customized PS4 AimController (with LIFETIME WARRANTY)
  • AimControllers Microfibre cloth
  • AimControllers Flyers