Are AimControllers detectable by other players or while online? – Aim FAQ Series

Now and then, we get questions from confused gamers in our e-mail inboxes. Is it legal to customize your PS5 controller? Would I get banned from the stream for using AimControllers hardware? Are AimControllers detectable by other players or while online?

Due to many doubts, today we are going to answer all these questions once and for all. We hope that after reading this article, all the above conundrums become crystal clear to you.


Are AimControllers controllers hacked hardware?

No, AimControllers controllers have been developed from Microsoft and Sony technology and then packed with new features and possible designs. Custom design controllers from AimControllers are not entirely new technology for cheating in games. Cheats such as Rapid Fire or auto-targeting do not exist in our hardware. Although Rapid Fire technology and auto-targeting changed the way gamers viewed controllers, it is this type of hardware that you can get banned from Xbox Life and be detected while playing.

With us, it’s different. Our modded controllers are designed to provide users with options that enhance their gameplay but don’t completely change the rules of the game. As gamers ourselves, we ensure that the quality of parts and construction is always of the highest standard and fully meets all competition and streaming requirements! There are no magical devices or technologies here, just improved design and features.


So are AimControllers legal?

Definitely so. AimControllers is a fully legitimate company that has made a name for itself in the professional gaming hardware market. There is a reason why our equipment is used by so many streamers, gaming YouTubers, e-sports players and even one of the top e-sports teams FC Porto. Our partners include such e-sports stars as Fortnite player BROCKPLAYSFORTNITE, Brooklyn streamer RASTA LA VISTAH, YouTuber RODEYBROS, e-sports organization TEAM DELINQUENTS, or well-known Italian e-sports player SAVYULTRAS90. And these are just a fraction of the players who have cooperated with us.

So you can be absolutely sure that with our equipment you can compete at the biggest gaming competitions, matches, stream and compete in global gaming competitions with the best.


Are AimControllers detectable by other players or while online?

As with the previous question, the answer to this question becomes simple once we realize what AimControllers hardware actually is. Is it hacked hardware with illegal enhancements? Would you find cheats such as Rapid Fire or auto-targeting in our controllers?

As we mentioned above, no. Our controllers can be compared to having a faster laptop, or a better-quality gaming mouse. They’re not going to let you win without some experience and knowledge, are they? Well, it’s the same with our equipment. It’s a boost, but not a game-changer. As such, AimControllers cannot be detectable by other players or while online, because they are not illegal, hacked gadgets.


How to make a custom PS5 controller on AimControllers?

Wondering how to customize a PS5 controller? It’s easier than you think. On our site, you have two options – you can customize your PS5 controller from Sony, or make your own PS5 controller from scratch using our easy-to-use creator.

On our site, you will find hundreds of the trendiest controller designs and colours to choose from. You can also customize a PS5 controller yourself, starting with the body and moving on to the various options and functions. Furthermore, at AimControllers, we are also happy to give your worn-out hardware a tune-up – just send it to us.

You can equip your new or upgraded controller with, for example, the innovative AimGrip coating, which is ideal for long games, or the special Smart Triggers and Smart Bumpers, which make playing FPS more fun and effective. With AimControllers you can gain a competitive edge and improve your gaming experience legally and fairly.


AimControllers FAQ Series – conclusions

We hope that we have answered comprehensively these hot questions that come to us very often. If not, feel free to contact us, or visit the other articles available on our blog. Have a great game

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