Can I get banned on Xbox LIVE for using a modded controller?

Is Xbox Series X controller customization allowed on e-tournaments? And what about streaming? Can you use your customized hardware on Xbox Live, or can the Xbox Series X controller custom design get you in trouble and get you banned? And what about the Twitch? Let’s consider what the truth is and what AimControllers actually are, and then the answer to the aforementioned questions will become clear.

Xbox Series X controller customization from AimControllers

To begin with, let’s consider what you are buying from AimControllers. The answer to this question should dispel your initial doubts about the legality and possibility of being banned from Xbox Live and other streaming platforms.


Is the Xbox Series X controller custom design from AimControllers a brand-new technology that allows you to cheat in games? Are there cheats like Rapid Fire or auto-targeting in our hardware? We have to sadden anyone who was hoping our controllers would allow them to win without any skill or experience. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Rapid Fire technology and auto-targeting changed the way players viewed controllers. This type of hardware aims to reduce the pressure on the user’s finger by automatically pressing and releasing the fire button to perform a shooting action, making the game much easier to play. And while the concept proved to be a hit with the masses and Rapid Fire controllers were soon in huge demand in the market, it is this type of hardware that you can get banned from Xbox Life. But not with us.


Our modded controllers are designed to provide users with options that improve their gameplay, but do not completely change the rules of the game. All AimControllers’ controllers are based on Sony and Microsoft technology. As gamers ourselves, we ensure that the quality of the parts and construction is always of the highest standard and fully meets all competition and streaming requirements! There are no magical facilities or technologies. However, this does not mean that they do not stand out from the competition. On the contrary. Here’s what is going to get you excited about your custom controller from AimControllers.

Additional features and a refreshed look

Xbox Series X controller customization with AimControllers is all about adding new features, such as Smart Triggers and Smart Bumpers, which are great for shooter games, or innovative Xbox Series X custom controller paddles. AimControllers are nothing more than improved hardware, but that does not mean not having to put in the time and effort when playing.


Besides additional functionality, AimControllers allow you to create your own Xbox Series X controller design or choose from hundreds of designs, finishes and colours. While looks may not be the most important thing, we think any gamer would agree that you enjoy playing on fancy hardware that relates to your favourite game or style even more than on ordinary gadgets, no matter how many extra features they have. That’s why that’s what we will provide you with.

Can you get banned on XBOX LIVE for using a modded controller by AimControllers?

Let’s face this question. From a legal perspective, there is quite a difference between modifying the functionality of a controller and hacking the game code. When you buy an Xbox Series X controller custom design from us, you are not gaining access to any hacking technology, just enhancements to existing technology, so it is as legal and code compliant as possible. Our controller helps you do things that would be difficult to do manually, but it won’t do them for you. You can’t change the rate of fire of a fully automatic weapon, you’re just speeding up your reaction time and making the game more comfortable. Therefore, it is perfectly legal to use them.


You cannot get banned from Xbox Live, lose your Xbox Game Pass or be disqualified from competition just for using a modified controller from AimControllers. Just take a look at our partner tab and see what professional gamers and streamers are using our controllers in their work. Among our partners are e-sports stars such as Fortnite player BROCKPLAYSFORTNITE, e-sports organization TEAM DELINQUENTS and well-known Italian e-sports player SAVYULTRAS90. May these partnerships be the ultimate confirmation of the legitimacy and quality of our controllers.



And now that you know that no one would ban you because of using our equipment, take a look at our website and see what wonders await you there!

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