Children’s accessories for next-generation consoles

Today’s little ones seem to take an interest in new technologies, devices and games with their mother’s milk. On the one hand, this is the natural order of things, and on the other, nowadays it is a must, because in the future there will only be more and more technology, so it is worth being familiar with it from an early age. Otherwise, it will be hard for your child to keep up with the latest trends in this area. And what is the easiest and most fun way to introduce your child to the world of technology? Oh yes, that’s right! It is, of course, games and accessories for the latest generation of consoles! So, what kids’ accessories for PlayStation 5 to buy for your child? And what accessories for kids Xbox series X options do we have? We will discuss all this today!

Console vs. PC – what is better for a young gamer?

We recommend the console! Why? With consoles, you play dynamically, and the games themselves are better adapted to children and there are more interesting accessories for kids Xbox series s or X than for a computer. Games are optimised for consoles, not the other way round, which is why any game released for a given platform, even the newest, will definitely work. A video console has the advantage that once bought it will be able to support games for several years to come. What’s important is that you cannot upgrade and improve your console yourself, because a console has a closed specification. Unlike a computer, you are unable to change the processor, graphics card or RAM. Of course, games released for consoles will necessarily have slightly reduced graphics. Having said that, if choosing from both options for a young gamer, we would lean towards Sony or Microsoft consoles.

Children’s accessories for next-generation consoles

It has to be said that there are few exclusively dedicated accessories for kids Xbox series X and S, or PlayStation. And many games and accessories are positioned as suitable for both children and adults. Luckily enough, we managed to find some kids’ accessories for PlayStation 5 and Xbox that will delight your child! We have games, personalised controllers for PS5 and Xbox One, steering wheels, interactive mats and much, much more. So let’s dive into this!

Steering wheel for PS5 and Xbox

Nothing screams accessory for a child like a console steering wheel! Console steering wheels are a very interesting, although not cheap, option. Its purpose is obvious; rallying and racing, because it will not work in any other game, but having fun with it is great. A must-have item for anyone who loves the Mario Kart or Forza Horizon series and wants to feel like a true rally driver! We especially recommend the Thrustmaster T150FFB and the Logitech G29! Definitely the best quality!

Interactive dance mats for PS5 and Xbox

Dance mats for TV are a fantastic idea to kill two birds with one stone – on the one hand, to please your little one with an unusual game and, on the other, to force them to get some exercise. Comprehensive entertainment and fitness make it possible to effectively exercise the body in dance not only for children, but also for adults. With such an accessory, you can play all the movement dance games and have a lot of fun at the same time. Give it a try!

Personalised controllers for PS5 and Xbox

Next, on our list are the personalised controllers for PS5 and Xbox! Why? Because the original controllers of these brands are not always suitable for small hands of children, and in addition, their appearance is not delightful. If you are looking for a truly fun and practical gift for a young gamer, consider this option! You will offer him not only the comfort of playing but also a morale boost! Personalised controllers for the PS5 and Xbox can be decorated with your child’s favourite cartoon, film or game! This is one of our favourites when it comes to kids’ accessories for PlayStation 5 and Xbox.

Console microphones for PS5 and Xbox

Another idea for entertaining your child, and at the same time developing a passion for it, are various types of microphones for consoles! No more using a hairbrush or a deodorant container to feel like Adele or Beyonce! Now you can give your child a real pop star experience! Something that will appeal to both little kids and the slightly older ones!

Musical instruments for PS5 and Xbox

Musical instruments are only seemingly fun kids’ accessories for PlayStation 5 or Xbox! Well, yes, it’s definitely a lot of fun for any child, but not only that! Clever accessories like e-guitars and e-percussion not only draw the child into the world of games, but also lay the foundations for future musical education, manual skills and auditory training. Therefore, it is definitely worth taking them into account when looking for a gift for your little one!


These are all the most interesting accessories for the game in our opinion! What would you add to this list? We’d love to know, so see you in the comments section!

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