Design trends for PlayStation controller

Just as one can see the colours that are in vogue in a particular season a year in advance, when large industries colour the surrounding rivers with a leading colour, the same can be observed with industrial design and design trends before they find their final form in new products and technologies.

If you have a good memory or access to the internet and a keen eye, it is easy to notice that we are constantly offered the same slogans: Stripes, florals, geometric patterns, minimalism, militarism, boho, the list is almost endless. If you look at all the designs in the world, you could find a representative for every possible trend, just interchangeable. The point is that the leading trends establish themselves “at the top”, promoted by the media until they are saturated, because fashion is also a business and money.

Although it may seem that trends are only about clothes and women’s accessories, surprisingly, pretty much everything around us these days is based on trends, from our wardrobe, phones, gadgets and even PlayStation controllers.

How can this be applied to controllers?

This is probably one of the questions that gets stuck in our heads the quickest. Our well-being, our mood or our perception of the world around us and the feelings associated with it are perhaps one of the most important clues for ourselves and for entrepreneurs.

Today, each of us is looking for a solution to our problems, stress, loneliness or physical condition. While surrounded by grey reality, we desire comfort and relaxation in the presence of entertainment that pleases our eye and stimulates our senses.

Since each of us is unique and expects something very different, this is quite a treat for manufacturers and their products.

Good design is essential for each of these points. You could call it design for emotion and psychological well-being.

Currently, PlayStation consoles are taking over the world and occupying much of the free time of gamers young and old, so there is a need for trendy designs and patterns. It is easy to argue that this has nothing to do with the game itself and our achievements. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What role do personalised controllers play in a gamer’s life?

Colours and patterns exert a strong influence on us, and the way we interpret them is the result of psychology, culture and everyday habits and the environment in which we live.

They evoke a feeling of pleasure or even anger and create a variety of moods that then affect our skills and ultimate performance in the game. By understanding how colours affect us, we can create an environment where we feel comfortable, at ease and ready for battle.

With increasing creativity and ever-evolving design knowledge and skills, leading companies are able to offer us combinations and designs we can only dream of.

From pre-made panels inspired by top games or important characters in the gaming world that not only please our eye and put us in a state of full readiness to become a top-notch gamer, to finding ourselves in the controller’s reflection.

How to choose the best personalized PlayStation controller?

It is worth considering the purchase of your controller carefully, bearing in mind that you will be spending most of your free time with it. If you want to order a PS4 controller online, there are several companies that offer more and more new designs and technologies.

Since our inception, we have specialised in personalised PlayStation 4 controller. Another important aspect to mention is that we are not resting on our laurels from successes already achieved, but we have decided to take the plunge and launch freshly produced, fully personalised PS5 controllers.

For this very reason, you have a lot of choice when it comes to the console you’re a fan of, and can easily dive into the world of colours, patterns and pre-made designs, of which there are plenty.

In plain English, this means:

You have the opportunity to purchase your own custom PS5 gaming controller from us!

In these configurators, there is the possibility to view all the designs we offer, as well as a realistic final look, which makes the choice almost completely easier and gives you the possibility to be sure that you will be absolutely satisfied with your order.

Convinced enough? Let’s let it rip

Colours not only influence our psyche, but also our nervous system – depending on the wavelength, they stimulate our metabolism to a greater or lesser extent. We should take advantage of this when we do something we love. Surely all gamers love what they do and want to absorb the energy from everything around them.

If you want to experience first-hand how trends and designs affect your gaming performance, give it a try – you won’t regret it!

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