Game Night Reinvented: How to Host a Memorable PS5 and Xbox Series X-Themed Party for Your Friends

Game nights have always been a popular way to bring friends together for a fun-filled evening. The advent of the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles made hosting a gaming-themed party has become even more exciting. In this article, we will explore how to host a memorable PS5 and Xbox Series X-themed party that will leave your friends in awe. We got you covered from planning the party to game selection, food and drinks, to out-of-game entertainment.

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Planning the Party: Choosing a Theme and Setting the Party Atmosphere for Gamers

Here are some steps to planning a successful gaming event.

Selecting a Theme

The first step in hosting a memorable PS5 and Xbox Series X-themed party is to choose a captivating theme that will set the tone for the entire event. Consider popular game franchises or specific game genres that resonate with your friends. Whether it’s a superhero-themed party with games like “Spider-Man: Miles Morales” and “Batman: Arkham Knight,” or a fantasy-themed party with games like “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla” and “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt,” the possibilities are endless. The key is to choose a theme that excites both you and your guests.


Setting the Atmosphere

Once you’ve chosen a theme, it’s time to create a captivating atmosphere that will transport your friends into the world of gaming. Here are some ideas to set the stage for an immersive gaming experience:


  • Decorations – decorate the party area with gaming-related elements such as posters, banners, and balloons featuring characters or artwork from popular games. You can also incorporate colours associated with the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles, such as black, white, and vibrant neon hues.
  • Lighting – use creative lighting techniques to enhance the gaming atmosphere. Consider using LED strip lights or coloured bulbs to create an ambient glow. Dim the lights to create a more immersive experience during gameplay.
  • Soundtrack – compile playlists of iconic soundtracks from popular games to create the perfect background music. From epic orchestral compositions to catchy tunes, the right soundtrack will enhance the gaming atmosphere and evoke nostalgic feelings among your guests.
  • Gaming Zones – set up different gaming zones to cater to various interests and preferences. Create comfortable seating areas with bean bags or gaming chairs and arrange multiple consoles with different games. This way, your guests can easily switch between games and have a variety of gaming experiences throughout the evening.
  • Gaming Memorabilia – display gaming memorabilia, such as collectables, action figures, customized PS5 controllers, or replicas of in-game items, to add authenticity to the atmosphere. Encourage your friends to bring their gaming-related items to showcase and share their enthusiasm.
  • Invitations – send out invitations that reflect the theme and atmosphere of your PS5 and Xbox Series X party. Get creative with custom-designed digital invitations featuring game-inspired artwork, or consider using physical invitations shaped like game controllers. Provide all the necessary details, including the date, time, location, and any specific instructions related to the party theme or activities.


Game Selection: Choosing the Ideal PS5 and Xbox Series X Games for Group Play

The first step in planning a successful game night is choosing the right games to play. When selecting games for a group, it’s important to choose titles that are easy to pick up and play, but also provide depth and variety. Here are a few titles that are perfect for group play on the PS5 and Xbox Series X:

  • Overcooked: All You Can Eat — that cooking simulator is a great game to play with friends, as you work together to prepare dishes and keep your restaurant running smoothly.
  • Rocket League — that high-speed soccer game with rocket-powered cars is a great choice for group play, with simple controls and exciting gameplay.
  • Monopoly Madness — a crazy arcade game loosely based on the rules of the board game Monopoly. In Monopoly Madness, you take on the role of players who run around the maps and try to accumulate as much wealth as possible
  • It’s Quiz Time — a typical question game that will get any crowd going. There are more than 25,000 questions in the game, so the chances of having duplicates are slim to none, even if you play several games.


It’s a good idea to offer a variety of game genres to cater to different interests. Include cooperative games that encourage teamwork, competitive games that spark friendly rivalry, and party games that bring out laughter and excitement. Allow your guests to vote on the games they want to play, ensuring everyone feels included and engaged.


Food and Drinks: Creating a Gaming-Inspired Menu to Delight Your Guests

A themed party isn’t complete without delicious food and drinks. Create a gaming-inspired menu that incorporates favourite snacks and treats. Consider naming dishes after popular games or characters to add an extra touch of fun.

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Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • “Mario’s Mushroom Pizza Bites”: Miniature pizzas topped with various ingredients to represent the different mushrooms from the Mario games.
  • “Sonic’s Chili Dogs”: Hot dogs served with a side of chili, inspired by the iconic Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • “Poké Ball Fruit Skewers”: Skewers of fruits arranged in the pattern of a Poké Ball from Pokémon.
  • “Pac-Man Power Pellets”: Energy balls made from healthy ingredients like nuts and dried fruits to keep the gamers energized.

Don’t forget to offer a selection of gaming-themed drinks as well. Create custom cocktails named after popular game characters or serve colourful, non-alcoholic mocktails to suit everyone’s preferences.


Out-of-Game Entertainment: Fun Games and Icebreakers to Keep the Party Going

While gaming will be the main attraction at your PS5 and Xbox Series X-themed party, it’s important to provide entertainment beyond the consoles. Here are some fun games and icebreakers to keep the party atmosphere lively and engaging.

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Controller Design Contest

Tap into your guests’ creativity by hosting a controller design contest. Set up a designated area with art supplies and encourage everyone to design their own Xbox Series X or customise their PS5 controller. How to customize a PS5 Controller or an Xbox one? Provide materials like paints, stickers, and decorative elements to spark their imagination, or just visit AimControllers’ website and design your own Xbox Series X controller to suit your needs. At the end of the party, have a mini-showcase where guests can display their creations and vote for their favourite design. Award a prize to the winner to add an extra element of competition and excitement.


Gaming Trivia Challenge

Put your friends’ gaming knowledge to the test with a gaming trivia challenge. Prepare a list of questions about popular PS5 and Xbox Series X games, characters, and gaming history. Divide your guests into teams and take turns asking questions. The team with the most correct answers wins. To make it more engaging, you can incorporate buzzers or create a Jeopardy-style setup on a whiteboard or screen. This trivia challenge will not only entertain your guests but also spark conversations and friendly competition.


Virtual Reality Showdown

If you have access to virtual reality (VR) equipment compatible with PS5 or Xbox Series X, plan a virtual reality showdown. Set up the VR equipment in a separate area and allow guests to take turns experiencing immersive gameplay. Choose multiplayer VR games that allow players to compete or collaborate in a virtual world. This unique experience will leave a lasting impression on your friends and provide an exciting break from traditional gaming.


Gaming Tournaments

Organize gaming tournaments to inject a competitive spirit into the party. Select popular multiplayer games that support tournament-style gameplay, such as fighting games or sports simulations. Set up brackets and have your guests compete against each other in head-to-head matches. Offer prizes for the winners to increase the stakes and add to the excitement. Make sure to keep track of scores and provide a leaderboard to maintain the competitive atmosphere throughout the evening.


Gaming-themed Photo Booth

Create a gaming-themed photo booth area where your guests can capture fun and memorable moments. Set up props like oversized game controllers, gaming-themed costumes, and backdrop decorations related to popular games. Provide a camera or set up a photo booth app on a tablet for easy photo-taking. Encourage your friends to strike gaming-inspired poses and capture their enthusiasm for gaming. These photos will serve as fantastic mementoes of the event and will keep the party spirit alive even after it’s over.


Game Night Reinvented – final thoughts

Planning a PS5 or Xbox Series X-themed party requires careful consideration of the theme and setting the right atmosphere for gamers. By choosing an exciting theme, setting up the party area with appropriate decorations and lighting, curating gaming soundtracks, creating dedicated gaming zones, and incorporating gaming memorabilia, you can ensure a memorable and immersive experience for your friends. That’s how your guests would get transported into the world of gaming, creating lasting memories and an evening filled with fun and excitement.

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