How can I increase the lifespan of my PlayStation or Xbox controller?

Are you wondering how to extend the lifespan of your precious controller? Today we’re tackling that very topic, so sit back and get comfortable as we’re about to tell you how to take care of your controller so that it lasts a long time and always remains in perfect condition, both in terms of external appearance and function.

What are the most common causes of damage to PlayStation and Xbox controllers?

Before we get into how to prevent damage and wear and tear on controllers, let’s consider how they most often break down. Controllers can break down for many different reasons. Here are some of the most common causes of controller failure that happen to users.

Excessive use

Controllers are used extensively during gaming, which can lead to their parts wearing out faster and eventually failing. Overuse, including aggressive pressing of the buttons or analogue sticks, can lead to controller damage and failure, but these are hard to prevent unless you buy special PS5 console covers, which we will discuss later on.


Probably all of us have spilt a drink on our keyboard, computer or controller at least once in our lives. Moisture can damage your controller, especially the electronic internal parts such as circuit boards, buttons and cables. Contact with water or moisture can lead to corrosion or short-circuiting, which can lead to controller failure, so it’s a good idea to keep drinks away during active gameplay.


A fall, sometimes intentional, for example, when a gamer cannot cope with their emotions, is one of the most common causes of controller damage. Dropping the controller or bumping it against a hard surface can damage internal parts such as the analogue sticks, buttons or circuit boards.

Improper storage

Controllers should be stored in a dry and safe place to prevent mechanical damage or corrosion. It is best to equip yourself with a special stand or a lockable case, in which your controller will not be damaged by dust and other factors.


Unauthorised modifications to the controller can lead to damage to internal parts and ultimately to controller failure, so only entrust this task to specialists.

Battery overuse

Wireless controllers require frequent battery replacement. Worn or low-quality batteries can lead to the controller not working, so always check the condition of the battery and replace it regularly.

Damaged cables

Damaged cables can lead to problems connecting the controller to the console or computer, so it is a good idea to keep your cables tidy, for example by buying special clips and other accessories to make tidying up easier.

To minimise the risk of a controller failure, it is recommended that you clean and maintain your controller regularly, avoid over-pressing the buttons and analogue sticks, and store your controller in a safe and dry place.

How do I increase the permanence of my PlayStation or Xbox controller?

A professional controller is no small expense, so it’s worth taking proper care of it to minimise the risk of damage and increase the longevity of your equipment. Here are some ways to help increase the longevity of your PlayStation or Xbox controller.

Avoid over-pressing the buttons

Avoid pressing your controller’s buttons excessively and too hard, and then you could minimise the risk of damage to the controller. Controller buttons are designed to withstand pressure, but excessive pressure can lead to damage to internal parts and reduce the life of the device, so sometimes it’s worth restraining your emotions.

Keep your controller in a safe place

Store your controller in a place that will protect it from mechanical damage, dust and getting wet. Avoid leaving your controller on the floor, where it can be accidentally trampled or trodden on. Ideally, invest in a convenient controller stand or a lockable box or glass display case — guaranteed to significantly improve the life of your equipment.

Clean your controller often

Regular controller cleaning is fundamental to the longevity of your PlayStation and Xbox controller. How do you clean your controller? Use a soft cloth or wipe to remove dust, dirt and fingerprints from your controller, but when doing so, be sure not to get it wet, as it may then break down.

Avoid extreme temperatures

Controllers, like other pieces of hardware, don’t like extremes. Avoid storing your controller where there are extremes of temperature or humidity. Extreme temperatures and humidity can affect the operation of the controller’s internal parts, which can lead to damage.

Avoid excessive pressure on the analogue paddles

The controller’s analogue paddles are some of the most commonly used parts. Avoid putting excessive pressure on the analogue sticks to avoid damage to the internal parts of the controller. Sometimes you’ll pay a hefty price for not keeping your emotions in check while playing.

Install additional covers

Recently, more and more useful accessories such as PS5 cover plates have thankfully started to appear on the market. So if you’re looking to extend the life of your console or controller, be sure to invest in a good quality Xbox or PS5 console cover. Install additional covers for the analogue sticks to protect them from damage. There are different types of covers available on the market, including silicone button covers or fancy PS5 cover plates in interesting designs that offer extra protection and will also help you add something to your boring gaming console.

Use the controller for its intended purpose

The final, but most obvious, way to keep your controller in good shape is to only use it for its intended purpose. Don’t try to modify your controller in untested places to change its functions or capabilities as this can lead to damage to the device, try not to throw it around or take your emotions out on it.

Controller longevity – summary

In summary, it is worth taking care of your controller. Don’t throw it around or push it too hard, and don’t let it be modified in untested places. Console controllers must not be exposed to elements such as wiggle or excessive heat or cold, so make sure you store your equipment properly. And if that’s not enough, and you want to make sure your controller and console are safe anytime, anywhere, invest in special Xbox or PS5 cover plates, which not only protect your equipment but also give it an interesting look.

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