How to approach creating your own unique PS5 controller?

When it comes to accessories for the PS5, there are a lot of different items available on the market. We have dedicated controllers from Sony, as well as their equivalents. The latest DualSense controller from Sony is an excellent choice, but still, some of us may miss the back paddles, trigger locks, and other unauthorized extras that third-party gamepads provide after a generation. Replacement controllers, on the other hand, often fail to meet the needs of hardcore gamers and, to say the least, can be of poor quality. So what are the options for avid gamers who want something more and want their hardware to match their preferences as much as possible? Of course, they can opt for a custom PS5 controller from the renowned company AimControllers! But how do you find your way around the plethora of functions and possibilities? Well, we are about to tell you all about it, so sit back and get ready for some knowledge!

How to approach creating your own unique PS5 controller? 


The first step in creating your own custom PS5 controller from scratch is to determine your needs and preferences. There is no one-size-fits-all formula, so it is vital to analyse your own capabilities, how much time you spend playing and, of course, what and how you play! Because different features are relevant for a person who occasionally plays Counter-Strike, and others for an avid car game enthusiast. Some extra features, like Smart Triggers, are perfect for first-person shooter games, while others make arcade games more entertaining. A lot also depends on the individuality of the player’s body and their habits. For some, the key placement on Sony’s DualSense is just perfect, while for others, something always seems off. So, first, answer the following questions:


  1. What is your budget to create your own PlayStation 5 controller?
  2. What additional features do you want?
  3. What games do you play most often?
  4. What do I lack in a standard PS5 controller?
  5. Which additional features of the new custom PS5 controller do you find most attractive?


After answering these five questions, you should already have some idea of your preferences and possibilities. For those who cannot quite find the answers to these issues but still want to create their own controller for the PS5, we have the next part of the article, where we describe in detail the function and possibilities of the custom PS5 controller by AimControllers!


What options when it comes to custom PS5 controllers do you have in AimControllers? 

AimControllers is a customization studio, not a manufacturer, so it has some freedom to customise the controller to your needs. You can either start with a conventional DualSense and then add features, create your own PlayStation 5 controller from Aim from scratch, or mail in your dedicated model and customise it to your liking. You do not have to change every part of the controller’s appearance or consider all the mechanical adjustments in the customisation process. However, if appearance counts for you too, there’s a wide range of colours and finishings available, as well as coatings to improve grip and the ability to apply your Gamertag for a completely personalised look and make your controller exactly how you want it. To get a thorough grasp of just how many options the company offers when it comes to custom-building your PS5 controller, take a look at the AimControllers’ website, and we will now go over the additional features!


Additional custom PS5 controller functions in AimControllers


  • Smart Bumpers and Smart Triggers: devices that detect when a vehicle is in motion. Intelligent triggers and bumpers enable faster response as their response time is considerably reduced by a digital mechanism. Smart Triggers are extremely useful in first-person shooters, weaker in racing games, as they allow you to turn on full throttle or nothing.
  • Paddles: the controller’s paddles, located on the back, increase both the player’s comfort and the efficiency of their gameplay. Aim offers two options, one with remap, meaning you can configure it yourself and modify it later, and the other option when you set the configurations upfront.
  • Aim Back Pro: Aim Back Pro is a new controller back from AimControllers. It has been created with an innovative combination of materials, which is rubber with grip only on the crampons. But importantly, this option is only available with the paddles.
  • Vibration motors: AimControllers offers the option to remove the vibration motors in its configurator, making the custom PS5 controller, up to 50 grams lighter, which will come in handy for any streamer or gamer spending hours on the game.
  • Analogue sticks: AimControllers not only provides customisation of the colour of the analogue sticks, but also their height. You can choose from small, medium or large.
  • Appearance: When it comes to appearance, Aim gives you almost unlimited customisation options – you can choose the colour, material, and even your own logo or lettering, or win something from the pre-made designs.


We hope that equipped with this knowledge, you will visit the AimControllers website and create your own PlayStation 5 controller of your dreams! Good luck!

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