How to arrange a gaming room?

The appropriate game setting and environment affects not only the comfort and convenience of the game, but above all, the results! A comfortable chair, proper lighting and ergonomic equipment are the absolute minimum that every player, even an inexperienced one, should have! Not to mention a separate room for the game! It not only improves performance, but also morale! But how to create the perfect gaming room? Here are the best video game room decoration ideas for amateurs, and tips on arrangement room for professional gamer!

What to keep in mind before designing a gamer’s room?

The design of a gamer’s room should be planned, taking into account first of all its functionality and the preferences of a particular person. We must remember that its main task is to enable comfortable gaming for a few hours, so it is worth taking care not only of its attractive appearance, but also functionality. Factors such as the distance between the console and the screen, appropriately selected controllers, seat ergonomics or even the size of the room will affect the comfort of traversing virtual worlds. The optimum distance between the seat and the display, depending on the resolution of the device, is between 2 and 3 metres, although even here there is no rule, as it is a person’s preferences that count the most. When it comes to room arrangement for a gamer, first determine what and how often he plays. Then measure the room carefully and only then start the process of room arrangement for a professional gamer, or an amateur.

Room arrangement for an amateur gamer

When it comes to room arrangement for a gamer who is not a professional but loves to play, the first thing to focus on is good quality equipment, i.e. PS controllers, console, lighting and ergonomic arrangement of the various elements in the room. As for the base, it’s best to avoid very bright colours on the walls, as they can distract the player, rather choose muted colours, blues, beiges, greys, and complement them with accessories in intense colours such as interesting controllers on the shelf, or a bright forte or sofa. Remember also not to place the desk with the computer or console in the direct vicinity of the window or with the back to it, as the reflected light may disturb the game. The gaming room should be equipped with thick curtains or roller blinds, which will ensure comfort and optimal lighting during the gaming session. What to keep in mind when arranging a room arrangement for a professional gamer?

Room arrangement for a professional gamer

The difference between a room arrangement for a professional gamer and one for an amateur mainly lies in ergonomics and comfort. Professional gamers usually spend long hours playing and streaming, so for them comfort is a guarantee of good results, as well as minimising the risk of diseases associated with the profession of an e-gamer, such as eye and spine degeneration. So how to approach the room arrangement for a professional gamer? The basis, when it comes to a gaming room for a PC enthusiast, is first of all a desk. The second absolute must-have in a gaming room is a gaming chair. You spend many hours on it during your daily entertainment, so it is good to ensure comfort and, at the same time, take care of your spine. This, in order to ensure comfort, should be adjusted to your needs, and above all to your height. Console gamers, on the other hand, will appreciate a comfortable couch and the best quality screen with speakers. And now it is high time to move on to the video game room decoration ideas we have prepared!

Video game room decoration ideas

Shelf for collector’s items

Gamers love to collect game-related trinkets, as well as the games themselves. So the first item on our list of video game room deco ideas would be an interesting shelf where you can beautifully display your collection of games, figurines or our personalised game controllers. It’s practical and will completely change the look of your room!

Gaming desk

The desk is by far the most important piece of furniture in a gamer’s entire room, so choosing one is sometimes like a struggle. Remember that the term gaming desk is not used here by accident. This piece of furniture is significantly different from a standard desk. It is distinguished primarily by its construction – a wide top set on two legs with height adjustment, or you can add an LED strip to it to further improve the gaming experience.


Gamers don’t need lighting that is too good in the traditional sense of the word, they love interesting ones! That’s why colourful LED lighting is another one of our video game room decoration ideas! You can opt to install tape around the whole room, add it to the back of cabinets to highlight your console, or go for the practical aspect and install lighting behind your TV screen.

Gaming chair

Games can drag you in for hours, which is painfully obvious to many gamers who, after just one more round, get up from the screen to stretch their legs and then experience neck, arm or back pain. Sitting in front of the PC or console for a long time in an inappropriate position can overload the spine, which is why regular breaks and a properly selected armchair are so important. Therefore, pay attention to its ergonomics first and only then its appearance.

Gaming accessories

Now that we have discussed the basics, let’s focus on the side quests. A gaming room should contain quite a few accessories to make every gamer’s life easier. Console gamers, just like mages, need to have a certain attribute in order to use their skills to the full, namely a good-quality controller. However, even the best wizard becomes useless when he runs out of mana. The solution to this problem are docking stations, which quickly renew the energy of the pads. PC lovers, on the other hand, will be pleased with the illuminated keyboards and mice, just like with the new skin for their characters!

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