PlayStation 5 Console Personalization – would PS5 spray-painting void your warranty?

Are you not fond of the look of the PlayStation 5? Do you feel tired of the boring black-and-white look straight out of old movies? Do you think about adding your flair to your console? Are you dreaming of your customized PS5 controller? The idea sounds good, but what does Sony say about it?

Will you lose warranty protection if you design your own PS5 controller? And how about painting your PS5? Let’s get to the bottom of this issue together.

Where did the idea to personalize the new PS5 console come from?

Today’s technology world leaves not much room for creativity in terms of visuals. Most hardware looks almost identical to appeal to as many potential customers as possible. It is no different when it comes to consoles and gadgets for them. All companies offer fairly similar, indistinguishable products in terms of design, hence the increasing popularity of personalization. A search for “customized PS5 controller” almost overtakes “original PS5 controller. After all, everyone dreams of something extra!

When presenting the PS5, Sony decided to take a bold move by producing, at least at the start, a console only in a white colour version. It infuriated many fans, who claimed that the classic black colour would be more universal. The white console, however, left a gigantic field for creative developers. Just a few weeks after the launch, hundreds of tutorials like how to paint a PS5 console or make your own PS5 controller appeared online. They were so popular that Sony decided to make another bold move. This time on the issue of warranty.

General information about Sony’s warranty

Here are some highlights of Sony’s warranty policy.

  1. The warranty period is 2 years, and the warranty covers TVs, VCRs, Hi-Fi sets, cameras, car audio equipment and other audiovisual equipment.
  2. Entertainment in the car and on the water: high-end models in the XS-***ES series come with a 3-year warranty as standard.
  3. If your device needs to be repaired, you will need to provide original proof of purchase. If you do not have these documents, the repair will be done for a fee.
  4. Some products, such as lamps, projectors and batteries, for example, are covered by a limited warranty – for more information, see Sony’s general warranty terms and conditions, which you can find here.

Sony warranties – what does the warranty not cover?

Sony’s warranty coverage does not cover damage caused by:

  • exposure to moisture,
  • falling of the device,
  • lightning strike,
  • improper operation of the device.
  • periodic maintenance, repair or replacement of parts due to wear and tear (example: backlighting of LCD monitors)
  • matrix burn-in due to prolonged display of the same image, images or image components.

 PS5’s personalization vs warranty

Some time ago, Sony surprised gamers by allowing them to take care of personalizing their hardware without risking the loss of warranty protection. It is a phenomenon in the technology market. However, it was not without conditions. It’s not like you can do anything you like with your console and then expect a free repair or replacement with a new console.

As you could read in the Q&A area on the Japanese console giant’s website:

Please remember that removing and painting the panels will not void the console’s warranty as long as the serial number and seal are still visible/intact. Please note that if in the future you need to repair your console and send it back to us, we cannot guarantee that you will receive these painted panels.

Does spray-painting PS5 void the warranty?

The seal they are talking about is when trying to take apart the actual console. The side panels can be removed without breaking it – and anyway, the side panels need to be removed to access the spare SSD NVMe expansion slot. The serial number, it’s on the bottom of the console, and if you use Plastic Dip or some other process to colour the console, you shouldn’t damage it, as long as you only work with the side panels. So, you can give it a try.

Does the spray-painting PS5 controller void the warranty?

The case with PlayStation 5 controller customization is a bit more difficult to determine. Sony has not given its official opinion on the matter, so it should be assumed that the company does not allow customization of the hardware on its own.

Therefore, if you want to design your own PS5 controller, it’s best if you turn to professionals such as AimControllers. Then you’ll be sure of the best results, and a lifetime warranty, and on top of that, you’ll be able to equip your controller with additional features, such as Smart Triggers.

Sony hardware personalization – summary

If you have the soul of an artist in you, Sony will let you manifest it and try your hand at personalizing your PS5 without risking the warranty, as long as you don’t violate the seal and serial numbers. Unfortunately, in the case of controllers, the company is not so generous, so if you want to design your own PS5 controller, entrust it to the professionals.

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