PlayStation & Xbox controllers for FC Porto fans

Today we have a real treat for football lovers! Something that will delight every football fan, both in real life and in the online world. However, in particular, we have something to delight fans of FC Porto, both the football team and the extremely successful e-sports team. As you may have gathered by reading the title, we will present great controllers for e-sports fans signed with the FC Porto emblem – best Xbox and PS controller with FC Porto logo and created in cooperation with team’s consultants. These are amazing accessories, compatible with both the latest PlayStation consoles and Microsoft’s top-of-the-range consoles, so we thought it was worth telling you about this limited edition range while it’s still available.

What does FC Porto have to do with console games?

You may be wondering what the connection to one of Portugal’s best football teams has to do with console gaming. However, before we tell you about it, let’s get a little closer to this football club and then everything will become clear. So, this is a Portuguese sports club, currently playing in the Primeira Liga and based in Porto. FC Porto has been awarded the Order of the Infante Henrique and the Order of Merit, among others. The club was founded in 1893 and has played in the top division in Portugal since 1934 without interruption since the formation of the league. But it’s not just traditional football that they have to offer! Besides the football team, there’s eFC Porto, which is one of the best e-sports teams in the world. The AimControllers FC Porto series, on the other hand, was created in two versions. Porto has teamed up with AimControllers, one of the biggest brands to develop fully customisable and original Xbox and PS controller with FC Porto sign that meets expectations of even most demanding gamers.  The first was designed with consultants from the football team, while the second is a real treat for e-football fans, because it was created by professional players for professional players, based on their years of experience, skills and preferences.

PlayStation & Xbox controllers for FC Porto fans

The collaboration between the FC Porto team and the AimControllers team has resulted in two main lines of controllers – Dragons and Nacao Porto. You are probably wondering why these names and how both options differ. We hasten to provide you with an answer.  Well, the Dragons line is something for e-sports fans, as it was created with gamers in mind and consulted with professional FC Porto players. And its name refers to the team’s mascot. This series of FC Porto custom Xbox controllers for football fans meets even the most specific requirements of gamers, because it was created with consultants of FC Porto e-sports team! This is the gift from professional gamers to those who want to become professionals. As for the Nacao Porto line, it’s something for football fans because it looks like the football team and its colours – pristine white and deep blue. Both lines are of the utmost quality and both are available in Premium and Basic versions, but more on that in a moment.

Basic versions of the Nacao Porto and Dragons series

The Nacao Porto Basic and Dragons lines is made up of the highest quality controllers compatible with consoles such as PS4, PS5 and Xbox One! This collection combines the finest materials and modern technology with FC Porto inspired motifs! A must-have for avid gamers and die-hard football fans! Each FC Porto custom PS controller for football fans in the Nacao Porto series will delight any FIFA player. This series was inspired by the FC Porto football team and its colours, while Dragons, refers to the mascot of the FC Porto e-sports team. The Basic version combines the most advanced technological solutions and the most solid components certified by the best players with ergonomics and comfort, which will ensure the best gaming experience. The Basic version is a product that will delight both experienced players and those who are just beginning their adventure with gaming. Both types of controllers feature the emblems of FC Porto, which will make every game resemble a match in the football stadium. We heartily recommend getting acquainted with them. The FC Porto custom Xbox controller for football fans will meet the expectations of every gamer on the PlayStation, and the PS controller with FC Porto sign will delight the lovers of Microsoft productions.

Premium versions of the Nacao Porto and Dragons series

What’s the difference between the premium version controllers? Obviously when it comes to technology there is not much of a distinction, as both are created on the same, best technological base. If we talk about PS controllers with FC Porto sign, or such Xbox-compatible controllers from the Nacao Porto and Dragons Premium series, you also get a great, ergonomic gaming controller, however you also gain the ability to personalise your hardware and arrange the functions on the keys in any way you like. The Dragon and Nacao Porto Premium line of controllers from AimControllers is dedicated and aimed at the most dedicated and demanding gaming enthusiasts! When you purchase a Dragons Premium or Nacao Porto Premium controller, you benefit from the potential to instantly improve your performance by equipping your gear with innovative Smart Triggers and Smart Bumpers that increase game velocity, reaction time, dexterity and convenience, as well as other additional features. These extremely useful in-game modifications go hand in hand with an attractive design, obviously inspired by the colours of Porto, and great durability. The Nacao Porto and Dragons premium series is definitely a variant for true connoisseurs.

PlayStation & Xbox controllers – the perfect gift for FC Porto fans

In conclusion, we’d like to once again recommend this line of gaming controllers, as they represent the very latest in technology, are ergonomic and robust, and honour two of the best teams – football and e-sports. Really worth it! Highly recommended!

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