PS5 console in the office – what can you do with the PlayStation 5?

Are you considering buying a PS5 console for your office? Are you dreaming of a Google-like relaxation room? It’s well known that a place to relax and unwind has a positive impact on the level of engagement, motivation, and morale of your staff, so it’s a pretty good idea, especially in companies where performance is vital. 

So today we are going to tell you why it’s a good idea to have a modded PS5 controller and the latest generation console in the office. Learn all about the PlayStation 5’s features you can incorporate into your day-to-day work.


PlayStation 5 in a nutshell 

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation 5 is a state-of-the-art, ninth-generation video game console, announced in 2019 as the successor to the PlayStation 4. The hardware was launched in North America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Korea on 12 November 2020 and in the rest of the region (excluding China and India) a week later. 

 The console features an SSD drive for fast data transfer and significantly improved graphics display performance, an AMD GPU that supports ray-tracking technology and 4K resolution and can run games at up to 120 frames per second. Support for 3D audio has also been provided. PlayStation 5 is backwards compatible with most PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR games. 

It was released in two variants: 

  • The basic – featuring a Blu-ray disc drive and supporting games from both boxed distribution and digital distribution via the PlayStation Store. 
  • Digital – a second variant, the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, features a lower price due to the lack of an optical drive and only allows digital games to run.


PlayStation 5 specifications

Here are the key highlights of the specifications for Sony’s new console:

  • operating memory, which is 16GB GDDR6,
  • large internal memory (SSD 825GB), which can be expanded in the future,
  • an 8-core AMD Zen 2 3.5GHz CPU, which on top of this features a variable frequency.
  • DualSense wireless controller – an innovative controller that stands out for its haptic vibration, which has inspired the creation of many custom PS5 controllers with enhanced features.
  • data storage expansion – NVME SSD slot;
  • optical drive – 4K UHD Blu-ray;
  • dimensions – 390 × 260 × 104 mm;
  • weight – 4.5 kg.


PlayStation 5 features 

Are you wondering if you need a PS5 in the office? For some time now, however, a console has not only been about electronic entertainment in the classic sense of the word but also about a range of functions that make such equipment a home centre for consuming multimedia content. Explore its functions and you will certainly answer this question with ease.


Discord on PlayStation 5

Discord is a free cloud-based online service for voice chat and text messaging with the option to upload photos and videos. It was originally designed as a platform aimed at PC gamers but was swiftly adopted by global businesspeople to streamline corporate communications, projects and team-building events. More recently, Sony has made it possible to link its PlayStation Network accounts to Discord, which can come in very handy when organising work and corporate events — and no PlayStation Plus subscription is required to use this feature.


Game Base on PlayStation 5

With PlayStation 5, you can gain access to a dedicated hangout space for yourself and other gamers with a PlayStation Network account, such as your office team. Share content, plan gaming sessions, jump into games, or just catch up with colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere. You can even access some of the features online and on mobile devices with the PlayStation App or organise an onboarding meeting where you play something with the whole team and squeeze the gaming base like a lemon. 


Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video on PlayStation 5


The PS5 console is a piece of hardware designed with more than just games in mind, as can be seen from the home screen itself, which is divided into the ‘Games’ and ‘Multimedia’ categories. Once you switch to the latter, you will see the most popular subscriptions such as Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max or Amazon Prime Video, plus the YouTube platform. The Media area of the PS5’s user interface brings together a selection of free and paid streaming services in one place, allowing you to find and run the latest episodes, movies and recommended programmes at the touch of a button.

So if you are looking for a multi-functional piece of equipment for the office, where you can play YouTube in the waiting room and indulge in collaborative gaming with co-workers after work, PlayStation will do just fine. 


Gaming on PlayStation 5

Finally, we have left something obvious to last, but we would guess that few people think of buying a PlayStation 5 without wanting to game on it. The PS5 in your office must be no different. So it’s time to quickly discuss the subject of gaming. 

Despite the launch of the new console, the company hasn’t stopped supporting the PlayStation 4, but it is focusing on PlayStation 5 games. Sony is now releasing many PS5 games to make your work breaks and corporate events more enjoyable. 

You can play the latest FIFA 23 with co-workers or contractors, take on the NHL hockey league, or try your hand at Madden NFL 23. Sony also offers quite a few variants of interesting multiplayer and easy mini-games that would be perfect icebreakers at company parties and onboarding meetings.


Why should buy a PlayStation 5 for your office? 

Buying a PlayStation 5 and accessories for it, such as a custom PS5 controller, is a considerable expense that, although you could partially write off your taxes, needs to be well justified. What are the advantages of having a PlayStation 5 in your office, studio or business? 


Marketing materials and merchandise

If you have a PS5 in your office, you no longer have to worry about Christmas presents for your employees – just buy them a modded PS5 controller in your company colours, or with their initials. You can also use the same idea in PR mailings to your customers and clients, or employ them as a form of advertising, for example, by sending your customised PS5 controller with your company logo to influencers or organising a competition on your company’s social media channels for users to win such accessories. If you are interested in such an idea, be sure to check out our handy custom PS5 controller creator, which assists you in making such unusual merchandise. 


Motivation and efficiency 

According to many studies, taking regular breaks can help you be more productive than working without a break. What’s more, effective breaks can help reduce your stress levels so that when you return to work, you’re ready to refocus your attention, and taking breaks while studying can even improve your recall. The best know this, which is why you’ll find wonderfully equipped relaxation rooms with foosball, billiards and consoles in the offices of giants such as Google. 

So if you’re looking for an option to give your employees a little boost, then using such a relaxation room with a PlayStation 5 console is not only not a fad, but can be a great idea. 


Team spirit 

A relaxation room with a PlayStation 5 console in your office can also boost staff morale and strengthen bonds within the collective. With this solution, your staff will have a reason and a place to start bonding with each other. Plus, you’ll have the first few months of onboarding meetings and such for bonding out of the way – everything can be arranged at the Game base. 


PlayStation 5 for the office – conclusion 

Buying a PlayStation 5 for the office, while on the surface it may seem like an unnecessary fad, creates some pretty good marketing opportunities, can improve the efficiency and motivation levels of your employees, and can also create room for building a corporate identity and a close-knit team. So, consider it, especially if you have passionate gamers on your staff.

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