PS5 controller for small hands – everything you need to know to avoid DualSense small hand worries

Do you love playing the latest generation of consoles, but having small hands and a standard controller does not suit you? Or would you like to introduce your little one to your passion and embark on your gaming adventure together? Are there PlayStation 5 controller alternatives for gamers with smaller hands? Are there different types of PS5 controllers? What is the best PlayStation 5 controller for kids? And finally, what should you look for when choosing one to avoid DualSense small hand worries? Find out everything you need to know about gaming with small hands!

DualSense — an ergonomic PS5 controller or a misguided innovation?

DualSense is an ergonomic controller for the PlayStation 5 console that is also compatible with the PS4. It is an amazing controller for most gamers, which stands out from its predecessors, for example, by having an extra share button. The hardware comes with a create button and adaptive triggers and offers immersive haptic feedback. Despite this, some people find the latest controller uncomfortable to hold, especially for younger gamers and adults with smaller hands. Yet, before we see whether there are PlayStation 5 controller alternatives for gamers with smaller hands, let’s talk a little more about DualSense.

Sony DualSense for PlayStation 5

The official PlayStation 5 controller is currently the best and most popular choice for most gamers. The Sony DualSense features an ergonomic shape, a built-in microphone, adaptive triggers and haptic technology that makes it perform phenomenally in most games. Let’s not forget, however, that the games that will benefit the most are those created by Sony’s in-house studios. This is because they are built precisely for the controller. They feature haptic technology, replacing the PlayStation controller’s classic vibration. This technology uses the sense of touch to best reproduce individual movements in gameplay. In this way, we can, for example, distinguish whether our avatar is moving on a hard surface, water or sand.

PlayStation 5 controller small hand worries

Conversations about the inconvenience of Sony’s controllers began at the launch of the PlayStation 4 console, with disgruntled gamers already pointing out the awkward shape, especially for players with small hands. Such voices were also raised at the launch of the new DualSense controller, which, due to its design, seemed much larger than the latest generation of controllers. Is this the case? It does not look as bad as it might seem. It turns out that the joysticks and buttons are in virtually the same position as on the Dual Shock 4 controller, while the L1 and R1 buttons are easier to reach, as they are curved to the sides instead of being positioned flat against the top edge. What makes the controller in question cause DualSense small hand worries is the overall shape of the case, which players need to get used to. Its size is not that big, as it is only a few millimetres wider than the previous model. Nevertheless for children and small-handed gamers, even such a difference can make a significant difference.

Are there different types of PlayStation 5 controllers to avoid DualSense small hand worries?

Unfortunately, Sony has not yet released PlayStation 5 controller alternatives for gamers with smaller hands. However, this does not mean that gamers have to get used to the new hardware or give up on the game. Let’s find out what the PlayStation 5 controller options are for kids and gamers with small hands.

AimGrip, a personalised controller for the PS5 with a special coating

One of the PS5 controller alternatives for gamers with smaller hands is to purchase a controller for the PS5 from the renowned company AimControllers. Their ergonomic PlayStation 5 controller is in no way inferior to those from Sony in terms of technology but is comfortable even for gamers with small hands. The most important element that affects the comfort of holding the ergonomic PlayStation 5 controller from AimControllers, however, is the grip. The special rubber and texture of the AimGrip make your grasp more secure, the custom controller pad won’t fall out of your hands, and your hands will not get as tired.

Sony Mini Wired Gamepad –  PS5 controller for kids

As we’ve said, Sony has, so far, offered no interesting variants of the PlayStation 5 controller for kids, but it did release a Mini Wired Gamepad for PlayStation 4 a few years ago. This mini gamepad lacks the touchpad, light bar, headphone input, speaker, vibration and motion sensor, but it’s much smaller and suitable for kids aged 6 and up. It may not be the best of the PlayStation 5 controller alternatives for gamers with smaller hands, but if you’re completely uncomfortable with the new controller, it might be worth giving up a few features and enjoying the game.

PS5 controller converter

Another option, although not very convenient, is to buy a special PlayStation controller converter and try the game on your current controller. However, it has to be said that this will not work in every case.

PS5 controller small hand worries – summary

Unfortunately, at the moment, there are not many alternatives to the PlayStation 5 controller for kids and people with small hands. With previous consoles, we still had alternatives in the form of Hori mini controllers, but with the PS5 Sony was more restrictive in terms of the controllers you can use. Hopefully, this will change in the future.

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