PS5 controller ranking of 2022 – AimControllers vs. SCUF

Nowadays, the market for computer and console hardware and accessories is a massive one! There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different accessories and equipment for consoles on the market, especially those from Sony. It’s hard to find your way through all this. That’s why, today, we are going to focus on PlayStation controllers. What’s the best pad for your PS5? Is DualSense the only sensible choice? We answer these and many other questions because today we have something extra for you! We present a thorough ranking of the best PS5 controllers available on the market in 2022! Not only that, but we have a lot to talk about, so there’s no need to prolong! Let’s get started!

Sony DualSense dedicated controller for PlayStation 5

Let’s start with dedicated hardware. There’s absolutely no doubt that the official PlayStation 5 controller is the best and most popular choice for most gamers today. The Sony DualSense features an ergonomic design, a built-in microphone, adaptive triggers that allow developers to better tailor it to specific game actions, and, finally, haptic technology that makes it work phenomenally in most games. But let’s not forget that the games that will benefit most from it are those developed by Sony’s in-house studios. Because they are constructed exactly for this controller. In those, we will feel the strongest effect of the haptic technology, which in the PlayStation controller replaces the already worn-out classic vibrations known for example from Sixaxis or previous models of DualShock type. A given technology utilizes the sense of touch for the best possible reproduction of individual movements in gameplay. Thanks to this, we can, for example, distinguish whether our avatar is moving on a hard surface or a watery swamp. Sony DualSense is included by default with the console, and getting it would be a miracle, but nothing is stopping you from buying it separately. The question is whether it’s worth it when there are plenty of equivalents on the market that uses similar technology and come with additional options. What are they? You find it out in our PS5 controllers ranking below.

PS5 controller ranking of 2022 – AimControllers vs. SCUF 

Given that we currently have only two competing companies on the market in terms of quality, popularity and personalisation features — AimControllers and SCUF® — we will proceed with their comparison. But first, let’s start with a brief description of the two brands.

SCUF Gaming

SCUF Gaming, was founded in 2011. It is also known as “SCUF®” and represents a global innovator and developer of high-end gaming controllers, delivering the highest quality accessories and customised solutions for gamers. These are, primarily, console and PC controllers that are used by top professional gamers as well as amateurs. Built to specification, SCUF controllers feature a range of customisation options that enhance the user comfort and gaming experience.


AimControllers is a slightly newer company than the previous one, but nevertheless one of the most popular ones, offering top quality gaming accessories. This rapidly growing brand offers the latest generation of PlayStation and Xbox hardware, as well as interesting PC accessories such as gaming mats, mice and keyboards. However, the greatest pride of their offer is definitely the extremely customisable controllers for PS5, PS4 and Xbox One, which will delight even the most demanding gamers!


SCUF Gaming vs. AimControllers personalized PS4 & PS5 controllers – comparison


AimControllers SCUF Gaming


Start Price £69,14 £174,99
EMR No Yes
Trigger Systems Standard & Smart Triggers (The Triggers buttons are replaced with a digital mechanism, which increases precision and decreases input lag. These buttons are characterized by a much shorter movement range and a crisp sound – similar to a mouse click.) Trigger Control System (6 colour versions),

Digital Tap Triggers (1 colour version), Standard Triggers (18 colour versions)

Bumpers Standard & Smart Bumpers (The Bumpers buttons are replaced with a digital mechanisms. They work prompt with the short click – similar to a mouse click. Smart Bumpers allow you to act faster as their response time is much quicker thanks to the special, digital mechanism. The short click will increase your accuracy and precision playing in many types of games.)


Standard (18 colour versions), Digital Tap Bumpers – available only with Digital Tap Triggers (1 colour version)




(6 colour versions)


Rings 9 colour versions 10 colour versions
Control disk Black/White/None
Button kit 10 colour versions + possibility to choose different colour for cross and action buttons.


Feature Digital Buttons – cross and action buttons without a membrane, a simple digital click, as when using a mouse.

18 colour versions
Grips Aim Grip – without paddles (11 colour versions)

Aim Grip – with paddles (3 colour versions)

New Grip PRO (Only with paddles) (3 colour versions)

Military Grade/ High Performance/None
Paddles Standard/ Aim BACK PRO Black/Gray
Additional options SPEEDY AIM

Speedy Aim reduces the build time of your controller from 35 business day to 3 business days (M-F).

Possibility to add a logo or inscription on each part of the controller

Possibility to personalize your own controller – send in option.




Includes protective case, Gamer Grip, 2 pack short concave thumbsticks, USB cable.

Warranty Lifetime (with exceptions).

+ When the complaint involves sending a new product to the Customer, whose previous product has experience malfunction within 90 days of delivery of the goods to the Customer, the costs of delivery shall be paid by the Guarantor (up to 12€)

From 6 months up to 2 years

+ The costs of delivery shall be paid by the Customer.

PS5 controller ranking of 2022 – AimControllers or SCUF? 

As you can see both the SCUF and AimControllers are the latest generation of controllers that will satisfy any gamer. That being said, the PS5 controller from AimControllers comes out on top due to the extra customisation options, the amount of colours, and extra features such as AimGrip, or Smart Triggers and Smart Bumpers, as well as the price/quality ratio! It cannot be said that you will be disappointed if you buy the SCUF controller, as they are very similar in terms of technology, but you will pay much more for this one.


And for more articles from the world of gaming and consoles, check out our blog! Enjoy your reading!

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