PSVR2 – a real innovation in virtual reality or just a refresh of existing technology?

Most gamers have been dreaming of playing in virtual reality for years, and although VR goggles and equipment have been available for many years now, virtual reality has not yet entered the homes of gamers. Will this change with the release of the next generation of VR for PlayStation? In today’s article, you will read about the specifications of the PlayStation VR 2, find out the PSVR 2 release date and discover what PSVR 2 games are available on the market. Let’s get started!

How did Sony’s adventure with VR technology begin?

The history of Sony and VR goggles dates back to the 1990s. The first commercial project of its kind from Sony – Glasstron – was released in 1997, and featured in the game MechWarrior 2, allowing the goggles to display the cockpit view of a mech piloted by the player.

In 2014, Anton Mikhailov, a representative of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s engineering department, revealed that his team had been working on Project Morpheus for more than three years. He disclosed that the Move controllers for the PlayStation 3, which debuted in 2009, were designed to be used with VR technology in the future.

Project Morpheus was unveiled to the public on 18 March 2014 at the Game Developers Conference. On 15 September, it was announced that the project would go on sale as PlayStation VR.

PlayStation VR went on sale on 13 October 2016, and now, more than six years later, gamers are in for another treat – the PSVR2.

Everything you need to know about the next generation of VR for PlayStation

Below you will find all the most relevant information about the publication and specifications of the next generation of VR for PlayStation.

PlayStation VR2 – general information

As you can read on Sony’s website, PSVR2 is expected to feature ground-breaking new controllers and genre-defining games. The developers are paying particular attention to the ergonomics of the device, which will ensure comfort for all players, regardless of head size.  The PSVR2 will also allow us to adjust the distance of the lens from the eye and intuitively connect headphones.

The Sony developers are particularly proud of the new ventilation system, which is expected to not only provide additional comfort during gameplay but also positively impact the performance of the device itself.

The PlayStation VR2, combined with the power of the PlayStation 5, will allow gamers to play comfortably in 4K quality with support for HDR technology. The goggles will also provide a more comfortable play experience and more intuitive gameplay. Not only will the quality of the content displayed be improved, but also the user’s perception of it.

Standout features of the PlayStation VR2

The PlayStation VR2 stands out because of the following features.

4K HDR screen

The next generation of VR for PlayStation features 4K High Dynamic Range and up to 120fps1 – two 2000×2040 OLED screens provide four times the resolution of the original PlayStation® VR goggles.

Enhanced comfort

Sony claims increased gaming comfort, thanks to a 110º field of view and a lightweight, well-balanced Fresnel lens – a lens adjustment knob allows you to select the distance between the lenses to match your eye span for optimal on-screen viewing.

Eye tracking

The PS VR2 goggles detect eye movement for better emotional response and expression when meeting other players online. Eye-tracking cameras check your line of sight when aiming and looking around, while advanced hole rendering techniques improve the graphical experience.

Not bad, is it? Well, let’s now find out what it’s like in reality.

PSVR2 technical specifications

Here are the official technical specifications of the next generation of VR for PlayStation from Sony Entertainment:

  • Definition: 2000 x 2040 pixels (by eye)
  • Refresh speed: 120 Hz, 90 Hz
  • Field of view: 110 degrees
  • Display: OLED
  • Cameras: 4 cameras to track the user’s eyes and PS VR2 Sense controllers
  • Sensors: Motion sensor: Six-axis motion detection system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer) Connection sensor: IR proximity sensor
  • Connectivity: USB Type-C
  • Audio: built-in microphone and headphone jack
  • Additional features: vibration system.

PSVR2 release date

The exact release date of the next generation of VR for PlayStation is not yet known. There is, however, a lot of speculation about it. The famous analyst specialising in the screen delivery market Ross Young stated on his Twitter feed that the PS VR 2 goggles will not appear until 2023. However, most experts expect the PSVR2 release date to settle around December 2022 to become a Christmas present for gamers.

PSVR2 price

Officially, the PSVR2 price is also unknown, but most critics and experts in the field of new technology and gadget implementation expect the cost of the PlayStation VR 2 to range between $370 and $550.

PSVR2 games

PlayStation VR 2 will be backwards compatible and allow us to run most of the games from Sony’s first-generation VR goggles catalogue. These include the game No Man’s Sky, due to be adapted for PS VR2, Walking Dead and even Resident Evil, which is to be completely redesigned for VR technology.  However, more important are the new productions that promise to make the most of the PSVR2’s potential.

One of the first games for the new generation of VR goggles lauded by Sony will be Horizon Call of the Mountain, a spin-off of the popular game series from Guerilla Games. The developers have revealed that for the first time in the history of the series, gamers would be able to take on a new character and that would be it, as we do not know much about the gameplay itself yet, except that Horizon Call of the Mountain is expected to offer us unique experiences and innovative gameplay. We will see how it goes next.

PSVR2 controllers – PlayStation VR2 Sense controller

Standard PS5 controllers are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Gamers of the traditional console tend to reach for personalised PS5 controllers, and VR gamers have long since forgotten about them, as this gadget has changed beyond recognition with PSVR2. The PlayStation VR2 Sense was unveiled in March 2021 and immediately captured the hearts of gamers.

The new PS VR2 Sense controller offers a natural gaming experience through a well-balanced and ergonomic design. It allows you to interact naturally with the elements and environment of the game, and finger touch detection allows the PS VR2 Sense controller to reproduce natural movements and gestures.

Other highlights are the adaptive Trigger effects, and the tactile elements – from subtle, precise vibrations to intense pulsing – that allow you to almost physically connect with the in-game world, resulting in the ultimate gaming experience.

Traditionalists will also be pleased to know that, in addition to the adaptive ‘Trigger’ effects, both controllers also include an “Options”, “Create” and “Grasp” button for grasping in-game objects and analogue sticks.

What do you think of Sony’s new product? Are you looking forward to the new PlayStation VR2, or are you sceptical and sticking with your trusty PS and traditional controllers? Share your opinion in the comments!

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