Xbox controller for fans of action games

Xbox controller for fans of action games

One of the most common points of contention among gamers is which console has the best controller. There are some gamers who prefer Sony’s offerings. The others prefer the feeling of the Switch Pro controller (which suspiciously looks like the Xbox-Controller).

Some gamers go back even further and claim that the Gamecube controller was perfect, but no one says that about the Nintendo 64. That thing was terrible.

Many gamers prefer the Xbox controllers. They fondly remember the original “Duke”, and everything that’s happened since, has been an improvement.

The position of the thumb sticks is more ergonomic and the shape is less slippery than the DualShock and Dual Sense.

The new Xbox controller is supposed to change all that and offer even more advantages than before. Microsoft is highly committed to backwards compatibility.

This means that your old controllers will work with your new Series X. It also means that if you buy a fancy new Series X controller, it will work with your older hardware.

So why should you buy an Xbox controller?

Microsoft has not added any fancy new gimmicks to the X series controllers. There was no generation jump like with the Dualsense. That’s what makes this great backwards compatibility possible.

However, there are also disadvantages:

The appearance. The original controller is looking quite boring. You can love or hate the look of the competition’s Dualsense controllers, but at least Sony is willing to take risks when it comes to the look of its controllers.

The standard controller is a little sparsely equipped. There’s not much that gives you an advantage or enriches your gaming experience.

Simply put, Microsoft has played it safe.

Fortunately, there is now a large selection of Xbox controllers. For this reason, we at AimControllers have specialised in so-called Custom Xbox Controller.  

These are anything but boring and also offer many more programmable or customisable features. 

The term “modded controller” emerged about a decade ago when a few companies in the market made their first attempts to modify Xbox 360 and PS3 gamepads. The main goal back then was to give gamers something they needed, something that would improve their gameplay and enhance their overall gaming experience.

Nowadays, this is commonplace, especially in the pro gamer sector, as these controllers not only fit better in the hand, but also provide the gamer with additional useful functionality as well as better placed and therefore easier to reach buttons.

The most important and noteworthy functions are as follows: 

  • Smart Trigger and Bumper: With this modding, you can shoot faster – The digital mechanism improves your reaction time considerably.
  • Aim Grip: A special rubber coating and texture ensure a more secure grip, so the custom controller won’t fall out of your hands.
  • Spider Action: The so-called spider-like buttons on the back of the controller are a way to improve the efficiency of the game and increase the comfort significantly
  • Aim sticks: As you probably know, good analogue sticks are extremely important during the game – you can not only change their colour, but also their height from small, medium to high – this is beneficial for longer sessions and your thumbs won’t get tired as fast

Our Custom-Controller Configurator gives you the option to build your own modified Xbox One Wireless Controller by replacing or adding buttons, sticks, shells, colours and textures of your choice to most parts of the gamepad. Everything to your taste. These custom controllers also have programmable buttons or paddles on the back, giving you more options for how you play your games. In some cases, you can even have special electronic modifications built into the controllers for special techniques in action games or first-person shooters.

If you don’t have time to configure your own controller, you can also simply use many pre-made controllers. We already have a large number of the various designs available on our site.

Take your time to look around, choose or create your very own Xbox controller.

In any case, we wish you lots of fun and long exciting gaming sessions.

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