Xbox X Series or PlayStation 5 – what console appeals more to female gamers?

The eternal question – Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 – is still unresolved. Some love the hardware from Sony Entertainment, others cannot imagine life without an Xbox console. Today, we look at the issue from an unusual female perspective! Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 – which console is more to the liking of female gamers? What should you choose as a gift for your favourite female gamer? Let’s find out together!

Xbox Series X or PS5?

The discussion about which is better Xbox Series X or PS5 is fierce. Both camps have their rationale, just as both consoles have their pros and cons. That’s why we’ll start our consideration with the technical issues.

Xbox X Series – technical specification

Gaming consoles are constantly improving, so each successive generation features better technical specifications than the previous version. Xbox Series X is a high-tech device with a lot of processing power. Here are its features and key benefits:

  • processor – AMD Zen 2 (7 nm) 3.8 GHz, 8 cores/16 threads;
  • graphics card – AMD RDNA 2 – 1.825 GHz, 52 compute units;
  • processing power – 12 TFLOPS;
  • RAM – 16 GB GDDR6;
  • SSD – 1,000 GB;
  • data storage expansion – 1000 GB memory card;
  • optical drive – 4K UHD Blu-ray;
  • dimensions – 301 × 151 × 151 mm;
  • weight – 4.45 kg.

The appearance of the Xbox Series X

The look of the Xbox Series X may be particularly appealing to female gamers. The individual components of the Xbox Series X are housed in a completely new chassis, with a huge oval air intake as the centrepiece. The overall shape is regular, without bends or curves. This elegant rectangle is handy and will fit on any RTV cabinet or desk, or even take with you to your friends.

An interesting solution is the power supply unit hidden in the casing. Thanks to its presence, only the cable itself needs to be plugged in. All major inputs are located on the rear panel. The front of the device is designed to be minimalist. Many female gamers like this design because of its timelessness, practicality and style.

Especially after the controversy surrounding the design of the new PS5, more on that later.

PlayStation 5 – technical specifications

PlayStation 5 was unveiled on 12 November 2020 as the next generation of this console. Compared to the previous version, it features higher performance, better graphics and a completely new design. PS consoles are known for their good performance and great capabilities. Here are the technical specifications of the PlayStation 5:

  • processor – AMD Zen 2 3.5 GHz, 8 cores / 16 threads;
  • graphics card – AMD RDNA 2 – 2.23 GHz, 36 processing units;
  • processing power – 10.28 TFLOPS;
  • RAM – 16 GB GDDR6;
  • SSD – 825 GB;
  • Data storage expansion – NVME SSD slot;
  • optical drive – 4K UHD Blu-ray;
  • dimensions – 390 × 260 × 104 mm;
  • weight – 4.5 kg.

The appearance of the PlayStation 5

This console bears no resemblance to the design of either the Xbox or any of its predecessors. Its futuristic design has divided existing users of Sony products. Some female gamers did not like it at all, but others fell in love with the design. The PS5 takes the form of a narrow, fairly tall cuboid. Its size is due to the need to accommodate an efficient cooling system.

As with previous versions, the PS5 can be laid down or stood up. The colour of the console has been changed. After several versions available only in a black casing or in limited multicoloured editions, this time white dominates, which is to the liking of female gamers. All sockets have been placed on the back, and there are 2 inputs on the front panel: USB and USB-C. The look of the console may or may not appeal, but it certainly sets it apart from other versions.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X controllers

The DualSense controller, like the PlayStation 5 console itself, has caused considerable debate among gamers. All thanks to its futuristic design. The new PS5 controller is similar in technology to its predecessor, but the ergonomic shape has changed. It is slightly larger and less comfortable for female gamers, who tend to have smaller hands than male gamers.

In opposition to the PS5 is the Xbox Series X controller, which looks classic and elegant, but a little dull compared to its predecessor. The controller for the new Xbox is perhaps most easily described as the next stage, in a successful evolution aimed at creating the perfect pad for everyone. It is unified and standardised.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X controllers – which one to choose for the female gamer?

If you absolutely want to buy an original gadget, the safest option is an Xbox controller. However, the best solution is to choose for your favourite female gamer a custom Xbox Series X controller or a custom PS5 controller. The reason why?

In the case of the custom PS5 controller or the one for Xbox, you can afford to be free when it comes to the look and fit of the keys. By opting for the make your own PS5 controller option, you can create your gadget from scratch, adjusting everything to your capabilities. If a gift for a female gamer, then only by choosing the make your own Xbox series X controller option will you be sure of a successful and meaningful gift!

Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 –which is better in technical terms?

The selected specifications are superior to the Xbox. However, the differences are not large enough to immediately determine which console is better. Both devices look similar in terms of design and guaranteed visual effects.

Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 – which is better in terms of looks?

The look of the Xbox Series X appeals to all lovers of classic elegance. It is a console that is practical, elegant and minimalist. The PlayStation 5, on the other hand, will appeal to all gamers who like a touch of extravagance. It is an unusual console that catches the eye, although it is inferior to the Xbox in terms of practicality. All in all, both can appeal to the female part of the audience, especially if you add an interesting custom PS5 controller to the gift, or make your own Xbox Series X controller based on her preferences.

Xbox X Series or PlayStation 5 – what console will appeal more to female gamers?

The choice between the Xbox X Series and PlayStation 5 is not an easy one. After all, a lot depends on the habits of the female gamer in question, what and how often she plays, and her existing game collection.

However, if the aforementioned does not make a difference, then you may want to consider the look and type of controllers. The PlayStation 5 will appeal to those who appreciate unfussy solutions and interesting looks, while the Xbox X Series is something for fans of the classics. As far as controllers go, the Xbox controller may be better suited to small hands, although you can get used to the PS5 controller too.

So make your choice based on the requirements and preferences of the female gamer in your life!

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