Become a Pro Gamer: The definitive guide (2022)

Would you like to game and earn millions of dollars? Do you dream of a place in one of the e-sports teams? Have you thought that a career as a professional gamer is something for you? A regular 9am to 5pm job is not up your alley?

Excellent! Then be sure to check out our latest article! We guarantee that after reading our ultimate guide to professional gaming, you will be one step closer to your dream career.

Pro Gamer vs Streamer vs Gaming influencer

Most people still think that a pro gamer is someone who plays video games for a living, is paid by a team or sponsors and competes in esports tournaments. However, times have changed.

Today, you do not need to have a team at all, or even play particularly well, to make a living playing games.  Nowadays, any activity that involves playing video games can be monetised. You can simultaneously play different games at various skill levels, participate in e-sports events, write a blog, make instructional videos, post on YouTube and TikTok, and take new games and products for feedback. The current pro-gamer is not just a participant in gaming competitions.

And frankly, it’s safest if, as an aspiring gamer, you do not put all your eggs in one basket. It’s probably best, especially when starting out, to play on multiple fronts and diversify your sources of income.

How long does a career as a professional gamer last?

A career in esports, as in other sports, rarely lasts more than a few years. It is impossible to stay in shape at all times. However, it should not be forgotten that professional players do not earn money just for winning. The smartest ones diversify their income and actively post on streaming sites and social media.

In this way, their careers can continue long after their latest competition era is over. However, they do not go without conditions here either. To ensure a long career, you need to have charisma, drive and be consistent in your pursuits.

How much do professional gamers earn?

According to the statistics service, the average Professional Player in the US earns $64,168. Professional Players earn the most in Denver, at $64,168, and the average salary is 0% higher than the US average. Salaries for Professional Players in the US range from $19,910 to $187,200, with a median of $44,680. The middle 50% of Professional Players earn $28,400, and the top 75% earn $187,200.

However, this is not the upper limit, because as a pro-gamer you earn not only from winning gaming championships but also from streams, social media and through viewers, such as on sites like Patreon. So you can earn up to several times that amount.

What equipment does a professional player need?

The gaming community is more than polarised when it comes to the type of hardware they play on. On the one hand, we have console fans and, on the other, ardent PC gaming enthusiasts.

PC supporters, on the other hand, have to match the capabilities of their hardware to the specific game they want to play. Console gamers, on the other hand, are mainly divided into Xbox and PlayStation console owners. Although there are more PS5 fans. If you want to play PS5, apart from the console you will definitely want to customize your PS5 controller.

Why create your own PS5 controller from scratch when you can buy it from Sony? This option will allow you to tailor your gadget to your preferences. By choosing to customize your Xbox Series S controller, you can equip it with additional features such as Smart Triggers or Smart Bumpers and gain an advantage over gamers with the original controllers.

Apart from the idea of create PS5 controller or the one for Xbox, you would also need some accessories to get started. If you’re playing on a PC, you will need to equip yourself with a good gaming mouse and keyboard. Apart from that, you require good quality gaming headphones with a microphone, a TV or screen and a comfortable place to play.

7 steps to a successful career as a professional gamer

Here are some basic steps to help you get started on your great career as a pro gamer.

Choose your career path

You do not have to enter the biggest competitions right away to start making your first money from gaming. Therefore, the first step, in our opinion, should be to define your career path and your first measurable goals.

Consider whether you are good enough to play in competitions straight away. It’s possible that you’d like to get into streaming or game reviews to start with. Right now, the gaming world is your oyster, so don’t be afraid to aim high. However, remember to break down the big goal into smaller goals that are achievable at the stage of your career.

Choose your game

If you decide to try your hand at professional gaming, you need to decide on a title. There’s no point in playing everything and not being supremely good at anything. A true competitive pro-gamer needs to be a master at something and ideally it should be an online and multiplayer game.

E-sports competitions can take many forms. On the one hand, competitors compete by playing games like FIFA or NBA, games that are based on real sports. These are often based on official licences, using the names of players, teams or car brands from the real world, or are a direct simulation of them. On the other hand, at major tournaments, games are played that have no reflection on real sports. Among the most popular titles of this type are:

  • Quake 3 Arena,
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO),
  • StarCraft 2,
  • World of Tanks,
  • Dota 2.
  • Heroes of the Storm,
  • League of Legends,

So choose what’s closest to your heart and train to be the best at it.

Master the game

When you’ve chosen a game that doesn’t bore you and that you feel most comfortable with, it’s time to train. And not just any kind of training. Few professional players were born for the sport. For most, success was paid for by thousands of hours of playing, hundreds of failures and a few nervous breakdowns when they thought eSports wasn’t for them.

First, master the mechanics of the game. Focus on learning specific game-specific skills until they are encoded in your muscle memory. If you thought professional gaming was a way to make a quick and easy buck, you’re sorely mistaken. It’s definitely quite an undertaking requiring years of training and sacrifice.

Join a community

It’s going to be hard on your own, especially at the beginning of your career. Spend some time in forums and other places where gamers congregate before investing too much time in learning the basics of a particular game. This experience will be a better indicator of the path ahead of you and will allow you to assess whether a career as a professional gamer is in line with your personal goals and motives.

We, therefore, heartily recommend that you speak up to other players in the game, and be active on social media and in special groups and forums. This will not only make you part of the community, but also help you make a good name for yourself, find people with the same interests, help in the game, and also potential team and sponsors.

Get yourself noticed

If you want to become a pro, you need a strong desire to win at every stage of the competition. This means reaching the top of the leader-boards in beginner groups, climbing the matchmaking ranks and being the last team on the battleground in tournaments.

Once your training is behind you, it’s time to show off to potential head-hunters, coaches and other players. To do this, get involved in the community and participate in smaller and larger competitions, and post your results on social media. And once you’ve gotten bold, speak up yourself to sponsors, coaches and others who can help you advance in the industry.

Find a team

Once you have diligently completed all the previous steps, it’s a good idea to talk back to the best players, companies or teams. You need to find people who are not only not inferior to you but with whom you will be in sync and who will motivate you to play and win.


Being good at a game is only half the battle. The other half is networking with people who will help you get higher on the career ladder. Once you have found your place in the more competitive groups, start building your network. Use your position as a worthy contender to network with better players. It is the final step though, so congratulations and fingers crossed for your success in e-sports!

Pro-gamer career – summary

A career in professional gaming is the dream of many gamers. And today, it’s more within reach than ever before. Therefore, work hard, and you will succeed. Good luck!

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