Buying a PlayStation 5 for Christmas – Good idea as a Christmas present?

Any serious gamer will want to find the latest PlayStation under their Christmas tree. The PlayStation 5 is pretty much sold out everywhere, but sporadic reorders are expected from retailers between now and Christmas. If you’re lucky enough to snag one, you’ll make the gamer in your life very happy this Christmas season. If you […]

The PS5 controller: Making Sense of the DualSense

The PS5 controller: Using the DualSense effective Sony definitely took their time with the unveiling of the PlayStation 5, but once they did, there was no stopping them. We take a look at the most important part of the console: the PS5 controller. After the big presentation in June last year, the hype around Sony’s […]

PS5 and XBOX One controllers branded by Robert Lewandowski

Looking for something extra for your favourite football fan and player at the same time? In search of a unique game-related gift for the upcoming holidays or birthday? Are you a fan of Robert Lewandowski? Or maybe you love online football yourself and would like to enjoy it with a device that will boost your […]

How Pro Gamers Can Benefit From Using a Custom PS4 Controller?

Using a custom PS4 controller in competitive video games is a relatively new thing. Most pros haven’t bought into the hype yet; and for good reasons, because technically they don’t offer any significant advantage. Because unlike modified controllers, they have macro buttons that allow players to press an entire combination of buttons with just one […]

Xbox controller for fans of action games

Xbox controller for fans of action games One of the most common points of contention among gamers is which console has the best controller. There are some gamers who prefer Sony’s offerings. The others prefer the feeling of the Switch Pro controller (which suspiciously looks like the Xbox-Controller). Some gamers go back even further and […]

PS5 – is this a good time to buy a new generation console?

Are you a big fan of PlayStation consoles? Do you have the previous generation but are thinking about buying a PlayStation controller, just not sure if it makes sense? Is buying a PlayStation 5 in 2021 too late? Maybe there’s even newer gaming hardware from Sony in prospect? Or perhaps are you looking for a […]

Accessories for PC gamers – what is worth paying attention to when buying new accessories for your PC

No serious gamer can live without the right accessories and peripherals. If you are a die-hard PC gamer, you want hardware that will not let you down under pressure, is upgradeable and will not ”age out”. It only takes one unreliable piece of equipment to ruin the entire gaming experience. If you have already focused […]