PSVR2 – a real innovation in virtual reality or just a refresh of existing technology?

Most gamers have been dreaming of playing in virtual reality for years, and although VR goggles and equipment have been available for many years now, virtual reality has not yet entered the homes of gamers. Will this change with the release of the next generation of VR for PlayStation? In today’s article, you will read […]

Official SSD drives for PlayStation 5 – Everything You Need to Know About it

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Compatibility between PS4 and PS5 – the ultimate guide to PlayStation 5 game compatibility

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PS5 controller for small hands – everything you need to know to avoid DualSense small hand worries

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The ultimate guide to gaming headsets – what should you pay attention to when choosing + the best gaming headsets for the 2022 ranking

A gaming headset is a must-have for any gamer, as it allows you to sink into the game and experience the full gaming experience. Good quality, comfortable and ergonomic gaming headsets are a must, especially if you play a lot and spend long hours in front of the computer killing enemies and completing new quests. […]