Educational games for PS5 and Xbox Series X – which are worth your attention?

Regardless of the type of game, playing on a console develops certain functions and capabilities of our body and mind. It teaches us spatial thinking, the rules of competition, as well as improving our reflexes, reaction time and motor skills. However, there is no denying that some games are far more beneficial in educational terms than others. Which games will satisfy even the most demanding parents of beginner gamers? And which educational games for PS5 or Xbox X/S are the most popular? And which are the most noteworthy? Today, we’re going to take a closer look at this topic and tell you which educational games for Xbox Series S, X and PlayStation are worth paying attention to!

Benefits of educational games for PS5 and Xbox Series X & S

According to scientific research, educational games for PS5, Xbox or PC have a positive influence on the development of logical thinking in children. They stimulate mental processes and develop the ability to associative thinking. Thanks to such exercises of the grey cells, the child solves problems and performs tasks more efficiently and quickly. Educational games for Xbox Series S, X and PS develop eye-hand coordination, improve reflexes, stimulate spatial imagination. Playing games is a fantastic way to relieve excess emotions, not only the bad ones, which improves the general mental state of a child. Contrary to appearances, games are not only entertaining but also educational. Children learn many interesting things about the world, historical and natural trivia, and they learn English. Knowledge acquired in such a way is much more memorable for them. Educational games for PlayStation 5 or Microsoft console shape the ability to think independently, plan, perform several tasks at once, analyse and interpret events, as well as solve problems creatively. Team games teach them to cooperate with others, which is known as cooperation and is very useful at school and later in adult life.

Educational games for PS5 and Xbox Series X – which are worth your attention

Due to the huge positive impact educational games for Xbox Series S & X, PC and PS have on the minds of children, below are our favourites in terms of didactic impact, level of fun and curiosity of the games!


Kerbal Space Program 1 & 2

First place on our list of the best educational games for Xbox Series S, X, and PlayStation goes to Kerbal Space Program, the second instalment of the hugely popular space conquest simulator that lets you build and pilot rockets and spaceships realistically. Kerbal Space Program is an unusual, multi-genre production, in which we develop our own space program. The game also uses a simulation model of a flying, based on a physics system. This solution guarantees realistic situations and crashes, especially since the player has to monitor such factors as fuel level or temperature. Kerbal Space Program 2 offers many new possibilities, such as building extra-terrestrial colonies. This is one of our top favourites!


Discovery Tour: Viking Age


Now something for slightly older gamers! Discovery Tour by Assassin’s Creed: Viking Age is an educational-exploratory mode for Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. As in the case of the previous Discovery Tour by Assassin’s Creed titles, Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt, the content of this title was prepared in consultation with historians and archaeologists. This module was developed and published by Ubisoft, the company responsible for the brand. It is available as a free update to Valhalla or as a standalone paid production. It is one of those clever and engaging educational games for PlayStation 5, and Xbox, which really teaches you interesting and important facts, and at the same time while playing you miss the didactic element because the story itself is so absorbing.


Niche – a genetics survival game

How about an educational simulator? Niche – a genetics survival game is an unusual turn-based game in which we take care of the survival of an entire species of interesting-looking creatures. In a short story campaign combined with a tutorial, you play as Adam, a docile creature kidnapped from his family by a predatory bird and transported to a completely alien island. This is one of the enjoyable and interesting educational games for Xbox Series X and S for the whole family.

Age of Empires

Again, something for slightly older players. Age of Empires is a series of real-time strategy games produced by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft Studios. The aim of the game is to develop your civilisation by acquiring resources. When the player takes care of the systematic development of the city, they can conquer other civilisations. This game teaches you sociology, strategic thinking and logic! Definitely one of the most developing and practical educational games for PlayStation 5 and Xbox consoles.


Port Royale 4

Port Royale 4 is the fourth edition of the economic strategy series by Kalypso Media. The task in Port Royale 4 is to create an economic empire on the islands of the 17th century Caribbean. We have to produce goods, establish trade relations with cities and command ships in turn-based battles. The game is set in the 17th century in the Caribbean. We play the role of a governor of a small settlement, whose goal is to create an empire covering many islands. Port Royale 4 focuses on the economic aspect. During the game, we can put up fifty types of buildings, half of which are structures used to produce various types of goods. The player must develop the economy and learn how to properly balance spending and investments. It is a very interesting and developing game for older children, teenagers and adults! Highly recommended!



And what would you add to this list? We open the discussion in the comments section! We also invite you to check out other articles on our blog and take a peek at the new series of controllers for PS5 and Xbox that will make playing even the most difficult educational game a sheer pleasure!

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