How Pro Gamers Can Benefit From Using a Custom PS4 Controller?

Using a custom PS4 controller in competitive video games is a relatively new thing. Most pros haven’t bought into the hype yet; and for good reasons, because technically they don’t offer any significant advantage. Because unlike modified controllers, they have macro buttons that allow players to press an entire combination of buttons with just one press. Instead, so-called “custom PS controllers for professional players”, also known as custom PS4 controllers for short, are often seen as an added luxury; an accessory that has more to do with convenience and less to do with improving gaming performance.

Traditionally, gamers use their thumbs, index and middle fingers to press the buttons on a PS4 controller. AimControllers has completely changed the scene by creating a controller with a back paddle that helps gamers keep their thumbs on specific buttons.

But what exactly can a custom PS4 controller do? Well, quite a lot. For starters, they have a number of additional features that aren’t available on standard controllers. For example, you can add more buttons and have them placed in more “ergonomic” locations on your controller.

These extra buttons, sometimes in the form of paddles on the back of a PS4 controller, make gaming much more comfortable and give players the freedom to customise the controller layout in the way they prefer to use it.

However, extra buttons are not the only additional features found on a typical custom PS4 controller. Depending on your preferences, you can also have interchangeable analogue elements added, among other things. These allow you to adjust the height of the analogue sticks while playing. Although this is more according to the preference of the individual user, many swear that higher analogue sticks allow for better accuracy and manoeuvrability in certain video games.

With AimControllers’ custom controllers, you can adjust the sensitivity and inputs to your liking. To master a game, the user needs to feel that each button input matches with what they are trying to do.

Is it illegal to use a customised PS4 controller?

Not at all! A custom PS4 controller simply improves on what the standard controller has to offer. They are not comparable to modified PS4 controllers, which have special features that give players a significant advantage over others. Such controllers have mods such as programmable macros that simulate repeated button presses or allow players to perform button combinations with a single button press.

A modified PS4 controller does not affect the player’s abilities in any way. The buttons,  triggers and joysticks are simply of higher quality. Even though they respond more precisely to the player’s inputs, every element of gameplay still depends on the player’s skills.

Give yourself a little edge

Have you ever wondered why NBA players don’t wear generic shoes or clothing? It’s not just to do with sponsorship, although that plays a certain role. Rather, it’s because at the highest level of the sport, the smallest advantage can make the difference between winning and losing. This is why companies like Under Armour, Adidas and Nike are willing to pour millions of dollars into research every year to improve their equipment.

The same logic applies to using a modified PS4 controller.

For professional gamers who play video games for a living, comfort and build quality are of great importance. The risk of developing carpal tunnel and sustaining repetitive strain injuries is very real for them. Especially if they use standard controllers that force them to contort their hands in uncomfortable ways for hours on end just so they can keep their thumbs on the stick at all times. However, by using a modified PS4 controller, you can prevent this from happening. Not only that, but they do this while giving themselves the freedom to customise their controllers.

Can casual gamers use a custom controller?

Custom controllers are a great way to improve your button inputs and stay ahead of the competition if you are a casual gamer.

Almost all PS4 casual gamers use a controller that they got from the beginning. Purchasing a custom PS4 controller that you create yourself will improve your gameplay and button input, and help you hit buttons that your opponent may not be able to get to.

In games like Call of Duty Warzone, the first person to draw their weapon wins the firefight. Keystrokes are the be-all and end-all of winning a gunfight.

In Fortnite, players who are often fast and efficient in console lobbies often have just such custom controllers. This allows the player to enter building options with one button, build, and then edit and confirm with the paddle.

This process is much easier than the traditional method of pressing a button and then confirming with another button.

Custom Ps4 controllers are ideal for casual players; they help you to be more efficient, which will have a positive impact on your win rate.

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