PS5 and XBOX One controllers branded by Robert Lewandowski

Looking for something extra for your favourite football fan and player at the same time? In search of a unique game-related gift for the upcoming holidays or birthday? Are you a fan of Robert Lewandowski? Or maybe you love online football yourself and would like to enjoy it with a device that will boost your morale and sporting spirit? Then hold on tight now! We have something extraordinary for you! Something you have never seen before! What are we talking about? Fantastic controllers, compatible with Xbox and PlayStation, which impress not only with their technical features but also have been designed in consultation with Robert Lewandowski himself and signed with his name, surname and the motto he follows in life. Doesn’t that sound like every FIFA player’s dream? If this has already enthralled you, then you will be even more positively surprised by the details of this project – unique models of Xbox and PS5 controller with RL9 sign.

Some information about Robert Lewandowski

Although this character does not need an introduction to any football fan, we believe that such achievements deserve mentioning. Robert Lewandowski is a Polish footballer, a striker for German club Bayern Munich and captain of the Polish national team, considered by many to be one of the best footballers in the world and one of the best centre-forwards in history. Since 2014, he has played for Bayern Munich, winning the German championship with them in each of the seven seasons he has played, in addition to becoming the league’s top scorer five times, and the fastest ever to cross the 250-goal barrier in the Bundesliga. Lewandowski is one of five Polish players to have won the European Cup, the second top scorer in Bundesliga history, the most successful foreigner in the Bundesliga, the record scorer in a single Bundesliga season (41 goals) and the third top-scorer in UEFA Champions League history. By scoring five goals in nine minutes, in a league match against Wolfsburg in 2015, he entered the Guinness Book of Records. In 2020, he was named Europe’s and the world’s best male athlete of the year by the World Sports Press Association. And now he works with AimControllers – can you imagine how proud we are?

AimControllers & Robert Lewandowski – Xbox One and PS5 RL9 controllers series

The project created through the cooperation of AimControllers and Robert Lewandowski is addressed to all fans of football and time spent playing on consoles. Now you can get acquainted with our unique collection of equipment created with one of the best and most famous footballers in the world – the best, personalised controllers for PlayStation 5 and Xbox! The collection is categorised into two main variants – Xbox or ps5 controller with Robert Lewandowski sign in HIGHER and HIGHER PRO version!

The Higher variant consists of the highest quality models of Xbox or PS5 controller with RL9 sign. Each product in this collection is made using the finest materials combined with the latest technology. The whole set looks and works stunningly! Our design was developed together with Robert, so the controllers put us in a true football mood – you will feel fully inspired and ready to play upon each use of a predesigned Xbox controller with the RL9 sign! The Higher PRO version, also available for two consoles, includes all of the manufacturer’s functional modifications, including Smart Triggers and Smart Bumpers for faster reaction times, passes and more accurate shots. Both the predesigned Xbox controller with the RL9 sign and the PS5-compatible controller have additional paddles, which, thanks to the remap function, allow you to assign the button configuration from the top panel to each paddle in any way you like.

Xbox One and PS5 RL9 Higher controllers series – modifications

Talking about Xbox One and PS5 RL9 controllers series in a Higher version, we cannot omit some useful modifications that every Xbox and PS5 controller with Robert Lewandowski sign has. Among the most important for online football fans, we can mention AimGrip and AimStick. Our AimGrip is the main element influencing the comfort of our game. The special rubberized texture makes the grip more comfortable, and we can be sure that the AimController will not fall out of your hands, even during very long playing sessions, when your hands are sweaty. And thanks to our proprietary AimSticks, which have been created to fit perfectly to each user, you will be sure that every movement you make is accurate. Their main plus is that you can easily change the height or the type of Stick according to your preferences at any time.

Xbox One and PS5 RL9 HIGHER PRO controllers series – modifications

When it comes to Higher PRO version controllers, they are dedicated to true gaming enthusiasts, for whom, in addition to a unique design, the ability to optimise the gaming performance matters the most. Each Xbox and PS5 controller with RL9 sign beside the standard features has all the proprietary modifications such as Smart Triggers, Smart Bumpers and Paddles with default configuration, so you can be sure that you will receive a personalized and tailored in every way the latest generation of equipment. Every aspect of the Xbox and PS5 controller with Robert Lewandowski sign, in a Higher PRO version, has been designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding gamers and professional e-sports players.

All in all, our new series created in collaboration with one of the best footballers in the world is a real rarity for e-football fans and passionate gamers alike. The former will appreciate the unusual look – black and red, referring to the player himself and the motto “Never stop dreaming” while the latter will be delighted with the highest quality, ergonomics and great modifications!


Click here to view all the products from the AIM x RL9 series.

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