What Mechanical Keyboard to Choose? – A guide to the best console and PC gaming keyboards in 2022 & 2023!

Would you like to improve your gaming experience? Are you used to playing on a PC, but have recently switched to a console? Are you a fan of PC gaming and looking for new gaming improvements? Or are you simply keen on technological innovations and gadgets? Whichever answer you are leaning towards, there’s something for you in this article because today we are covering the topic of the best console and PC gaming keyboards in 2022!

Mechanical or membrane – what is the best keyboard for gamers?

Membrane keyboard for gamers

The membrane keyboard is the type that is the most common due to its versatility of use, quiet operation, simple design, along with its affordability due to its mass production. The membrane design works by pressing a rubber, spherical element directly above it on the membrane against a given button. The membrane design works by pressing a rubber, spherical element directly above it on the membrane against a given button. As a result of the mechanical contact between the layers of the membrane, a short circuit is made which is responsible for the subsequent reaction, namely the execution of a character or command. Thus, in order to obtain an action, the key has to be pressed as far as possible, roughly to the level of 4 mm, which ultimately affects the response time and the return to the initial position, making such a keyboard for gamers to perform slightly worse than the second option.

Mechanical keyboard for gamers

The second option model is easily recognisable, among other things, by the higher-profile keys and, in particular, by the characteristic loud clicking that can be associated with the sound of a typewriter. The main difference, therefore, is the type of switches, in this case, referred to as mechanical. Each key has its own separate switch to activate on average as early as halfway through the keystroke, which also translates into a faster response time and bounce. Furthermore, RGB mechanical keyboards have a longer lifespan than membrane keyboards.

What is the best keyboard for gamers?

The best keyboard for gamers is a mechanical keyboard, where there is no room for argument. RGB mechanical keyboards are more durable, more accurate and, above all, more enjoyable than membrane keyboards, significantly improving the gaming experience, whether you play as a hobbyist or professional. RGB mechanical keyboard technology allows you to achieve better speed and precision in your actions with greater ease of use and a longer-lasting design. The usual 2 mm key press gives an advantage over commands made with other types of keyboards. The low travel translates into faster response and, therefore, faster in-game reaction time. The shorter recoil moment allows the key to be pressed more times than membrane keyboards.

Wired or wireless – what’s the best keyboard for gamers?

The vast majority of gamers opt for wired solutions, which minimise any signal delays. In addition, they are often simply the more affordable proposition, with the most noticeable price of ownership simply being the extra cable on your desk. One other advantage of wired keyboards is worth mentioning – the fact that you don’t have to think about changing batteries.

Wireless PC gaming keyboards make up a much smaller slice of the market offering. They typically use Bluetooth or radio waves in the 2.4 GHz standard. And while this does not translate into noticeable delays in practice, it does carry some risks. Well, if there are several devices operating on the same interface at the workstation, wave overlap can occur. Then there is indeed a risk of temporary delays and interference. However, this is not so significant a problem as to exclude the RGB wireless mechanical keyboard from the shopping list because a lot depends on individual preferences in this respect.

List of the best PC gaming keyboards in 2022 & 2023

Below, you will find our picks when it comes to the best console and PC gaming keyboards in 2022 & 2023. Our roster includes both wired and RGB wireless mechanical keyboards, so there is something for every gamer.

AimControllers RGB Mechanical Keyboard

A well-deserved first place goes to the AimControllers RGB mechanical keyboard, which is one of the best keyboards on the market in terms of durability and technology. This RGB mechanical keyboard is distinguished by its significantly higher durability and 10 times longer service life compared to classic keyboards. Furthermore, the robust metal casing ensures even greater gaming comfort during long gaming sessions, and the full RGB backlighting makes it excellent to game on, even at night. The RGB mechanical keyboard also has AimControllers multimedia function keys that will give you an edge over other gamers.


  • Wired Full-size Mechanical keyboard
  • RGB Light illumination (13 customer settings)
  • Tailor Make Program Macro Keys Function
  • Multimedia & Function Keys
  • Mechanical Blue Switches
  • Metal top cover, 104 keys, double injection keys
  • Plug & Play USB Cable
  • Supported operating system: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

Razer Huntsman V2 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

The Razer Huntsman V2 RGB mechanical keyboard is our second, slightly more expensive offering for fierce gamers. The Razer Huntsman V2 Tenkeyless has been optimised with ergonomics in mind, and designed for long gaming sessions. Made from high-quality materials, it features higher durability and resists vigorous keystrokes. This PC gaming keyboard features smooth and consistent switches that have been improved with dampers to make the keys even quieter to press. They also now respond faster with a polling frequency of up to 8000 Hz, which reduces input lag.


  • Switch type: Opto-mechanical – Razer Red Linear: Type.
  • For gamers: TKL
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Interface: USB
  • Numeric keys: No
  • Multimedia/function keys: Yes
  • Backlighting type:
  • Spot – each key with different colour
  • Zoned – each zone in a different colour
  • Single-zone – all keys in the same colour
  • USB-C connectors – 1
  • Wrist rest: Yes.

Keychron K2 C1H RGB Mechanical Keyboard

The Keychron K2 C1H is an exceptional keyboard in terms of simplicity as well as comfort. It allows both wired and wireless gaming. It allows you to play your favourite games and enjoy the excellent performance of the quick-change mechanical switches. The elegant, compact and durable design with an aluminium frame will fit perfectly into the space on your desk and will not look like a typical gaming gadget.


  • Switch type: Mechanical – Gateron Red
  • TKL (tenkeyless)
  • Connectivity: Wired and Wireless
  • Interface: USB and Bluetooth
  • Numeric keys: No
  • Multimedia/function keys: Yes
  • Backlighting type
  • Spot – each key with different colour
  • Zoned – each zone in a different colour
  • Single-zone – all keys in the same colour
  • USB-C connectors – 1
  • Supported systems: Windows and Mac OS X

The best PC gaming keyboards

A high-quality PC gaming keyboard can improve your gaming experience immeasurably, so it’s worth thinking carefully about this decision. We guarantee that any of the above PC gaming keyboards will meet your expectations and help you improve your performance in your favourite games!

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