Xbox One S vs Xbox Series X: Which is better?

Now is the time to tackle the everlasting question among fans of Microsoft’s consoles. The question on the minds of gamers all over the world. This debate has been going on for a long time, and today we will finally attempt to settle it. We discuss the key features of both consoles to help you choose the model that suits your requirements. So without further ado, let’s get into the comparison and then try to answer the question; Which is better — Xbox One or Xbox Series X?

Xbox One – some history

Let’s start at the beginning with some basic information about this generation of console, so the Xbox One is the successor to the Xbox 360 console and is also partially backwards compatible with software released for it. The console is described as an entertainment system containing all home media devices in one and competing with platforms such as Apple TV and Google TV, for example. The Xbox One, along with the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch, belongs to the eighth generation of consoles available on the market.  The Xbox One is the third generation of video game consoles produced by Microsoft, and its official presentation of the console took place on 21 May 2013. As of 22 November 2013, the hardware has been made available in 13 countries: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States, and in September 2014 the console manufacturer made the product available in another 26 markets.

Some basic information about the Xbox One S

Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One S, 13 June 2016 at E3 2016, as a new version of the Xbox One console with a refreshed design. The new design features a white colour, is forty per cent smaller than the original version and allows the console to be placed vertically in a room to save space. The capacitive touch buttons have been replaced by physical buttons, the side USB port and controller sync button have been moved to the front of the chassis and there is no external power supply, instead there is an integrated and dedicated port for Kinect. The Xbox One S supports 4K video, network streaming and 4K UHD Blu-ray Disc playback and provides support for High Dynamic Range technology.  This version of the console is available in 500GB, 1TB and a special edition with a 2TB drive.

Some basic information about the Xbox One X

The Xbox One X is the second significantly improved version of consoles with the Microsoft logo. In the Xbox One S vs Xbox One X comparison, the former device is considered the entry-level version, while the latter is considered the advanced version. In numerous highly successful reviews, the 2017 console is presented as the most powerful on the market and basically unrivalled. Xbox One X, also known as Project Scorpio, has such a powerful processor and such a powerful graphics card that playing games in 4K hardware is no longer a problem, of course, if the graphics are displayed on a monitor or 4K TV. With newer components, namely a 2.3GHz processor, a 6TFLOPS graphics card and RAM boosted to 12GB, the 2017 console is described as the finest, but also the most robust.

Xbox One S vs Xbox Series X: specifications


The new version of the wireless Xbox one predesigned controllers comes with the Xbox Series X console. It looks similar, but has extra share button and D-Pad buttons that make it look more like the Elite 2 Pro controller. However, you also will not have much trouble using the older, Xbox custom controller you know and love. Both consoles are compatible with the legacy Xbox one predesigned controllers.


The two versions definitely differ in terms of storage solutions. The Xbox Series X uses SSD storage, which is much faster in read and write transfers than traditional hard drive technology and has a 1TB SSD. This means that not only do games load faster, but you can pause a game, start another and quickly return to the previous title.  In comparison, the S is 1GB storage and RAM is 8GB. However, it consumes a lot more power than the S model. Both consoles are expandable via USB 3.0 external drives, and the X-Series also has a dedicated, proprietary drive port on the back where users can connect an optional additional 1TB SSD to accommodate additional Xbox X games.


The price is the first noticeable difference. The Xbox One X is a much more expensive model. The difference in purchase cost can be as much as £200-250. However, the high price of the X is due to what additional options this version offers. This is a console for gamers with high requirements for realistic graphics and the highest possible performance. Images here are displayed in 4K and the colour palette is expanded, which has an amazing effect. The Xbox One S is a relatively cheap model and offers all the basic features that will fully satisfy a gamer who does not care about strikingly realistic graphics in 4K format. For this reason, this console is recommended for entry-level gamers.

Xbox One S vs Xbox Series X: Which is better?

In reality, choosing the right console depends most on what is most important to you in this type of equipment, what you focus on most and what your requirements are and what you can give up. If you are looking for a good gaming console that is not expensive and you are not interested in the best possible specifications, you can opt for the Xbox One S, which will fully meet your expectations. Both consoles will provide you with a quality entertainment experience, and by opting for either console, you can be sure that the extra accessories, such as Xbox custom controller, and games you enjoyed as an Xbox One player will work on the newer model. Xbox One S vs Xbox One X – both devices provide smooth video games, very good quality graphics and both can be used as Blu-Ray players. Moreover, the Xbox One S or Xbox One X can play games from the whole Xbox One series. The same applies to accessories. Whether you bet on the Xbox one predesigned controllers or the Xbox one custom controller both variants are compatible with all versions of the devices. You can also make your own custom Xbox controller for all console types to help you gain an edge over the competition. However, despite the many similarities, there are a few notable differences. With an understanding of how the Xbox One X differs from the Xbox One S, you can make your own choice of hardware and let yourself be entertained by new games in great quality.

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