How can I customize my controller?

Our Custom-Controller Configurator gives you the option to build your own modified Controller by replacing or adding buttons, sticks, shells, colors and textures of your choice to most parts of the gamepad. Everything to your taste. These custom controllers also have programmable buttons or paddles on the back, giving you more options for how you play your games. In some cases, you can even have special electronic modifications built into the controllers for special techniques in action games or first-person shooters.


You can choose from dozens of pre-made designs and templates or, if you’re more creative, you can design your own device! Use our handy creator to build your own controller with a custom name, initials, photo. We give you the freedom to get a little crazy and make sure the quality of materials and construction are top notch!

Our configurator is designed to provide you with a choice of all possible modifications in the easiest and transparent way possible.

Choose between all the available upgrades and colors here: